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Wed 1 Census Date: Term 1 modules
Research Ethics Committee (Animal) (12:30)
Start of 2017 Graduate Recruitment Presentations (early awareness)
Thu 2 Quality Committee (08:30)
Faculty Board Meeting: Faculty of Arts (14:00)
Fri 3 Publication of final February 2017 examination/re-examination/special examination results
Sat 4
Sun 5
Mon 6 Transformation Committee (14:00)
Special NMMU Teaching and Learning Committee (12:00)
Tue 7 Student Disciplinary Committee (08:30)
Extended Management Committee (Retreat) (08:30)
Wed 8 Financial Aid Committee (09:00)
Extended Management Committee (Retreat) (08:30)
Thu 9 Admissions Committee (12:00)
Fri 10 Registration ends
Human Resources and Remuneration Committee (08:30)
Faculty Board Meeting: Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences (14:00)
Graduate School - Last day for cancellation of Trimester 1 modules without penalty
HC Veldfire Management Block 1 - 1st semester course ends (Second year part-time and full-time)
Graduate School Trimester 1 - Last day for late registration of modules and registration changes
Last day for submission of requests for programme/qualification changes for the purpose of graduation in April 2017
Last day for submission of requests for programme/qualification changes for 2016 registered students for the purpose of 2017 registration (Semester 1)
Last day for students to apply to the Exams Office if they wish not to write exams on a particular date or time during the exam period due to clashes with religious or cultural observance (Application must be accompanied by a letter from the relevant ordained religious leader or designated authority on an official letterhead)
Sat 11
Sun 12
Mon 13 Senate (14:00)
Disability Advisory Forum (14:00)
Central Timetabling Committee (14:00)
Graduate School - Last day for cancellation of Trimester 1 modules with 50% liability
Late Registration commences1 1Late registration after 10 March is subject to payment of a late registration fee
Tue 14
Wed 15 Audit and Risk Committee (09:00)
Student Disciplinary Committee (08:30)
Faculty Board Meeting: Faculty of Science (14:00)
Thu 16 Last day for submission of final copies of treatises/dissertations/theses for graduation in April 2017
Fri 17
Sat 18
Sun 19
Mon 20 School Holiday
Tue 21 Human Rights Day
Administrative Offices and Library and Information Services closed
Wed 22 Capital Resources Allocation Committee (09:00)
Thu 23 Deans' Forum (08:30)
Finance and Facilities Committee (14:00)
Fri 24 Governance Committee (08:30)
Census Date: Trimester 1 modules
End of first teaching block of lectures
Sat 25
Sun 26
Mon 27 Institutional Forum (14:00)
Start of second teaching block of lectures
Tue 28 Tender Adjudication Committee (09:00)
Student Disciplinary Committee (08:30)
Safety, Health and Environment Management Committee (14:00)
Wed 29 Research Ethics Committee (Human) (14:00)
Thu 30 Management Committee (08:30)
Student Support Services Council (14:00)
Co-Curricular Student Development Committee (12:00)
George Campus Autumn Graduation Ceremonies commence (10:00)
Computing Sciences and Information Technology Careers Fair
Fri 31 Schools close
Late registration ends
Census Date: Semester 1 modules
George Campus Autumn Graduation Ceremonies end
Graduate School - Late registration ends for year block and Trimester 2 and 3 modules
Graduate School - Last day for cancellation of year block modules without penalty
Last day for registration changes for the block of lectures that started on 6 February 2017
Last day for renewal of registration by candidates for research master's and doctoral degrees