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From Wednesday, 18 April to Tuesday, 24 April 2018, the graduation ceremonies will be screened live on the internet. We trust that being able to see your family member or friend graduate via our live video streaming link will be something special for you.

The programmes of all the ceremonies appear in the box on the right as PDF documents. Open the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader and use the FIND box to search for the person you would like to watch. Look at where that person appears in the programme and you will be able to work out more or less what time you can expect to see them cross the stage. Bear in mind that the part of the proceedings before the conferring of qualifications will take approximately 20 minutes.

Your feedback on our live streaming would be much appreciated. You can e-mail

Please be patient while the video stream loads, it may take a few moments depending on your broadband connectivity.





Watch the December 2017 graduation ceremonies:

Ceremony 1

Ceremony 2

Ceremony 3

Ceremony 4

PROGRAMMES - December 2017

Ceremony 1 - Faculty of Business & Economic Sciences and Faculty of Law (Thursday at 09:30)

Ceremony 2 - Faculty of Education (Thursday at 14:30)

Ceremony 3 - Faculty of Engineering; the Built Environment & IT and Faculty of Science (Friday at 09:30)

Ceremony 4 - Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business & Economic Science and Faculty of Health Sciences (Friday at 14:30)