Infrastructure Projects

The size of our campuses equates to a big footprint in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro and George, and this is growing. In 2022 we invested three-quarters of a billion rand in campus infrastructure. It’s a massive investment in both the University and in the infrastructure of the city, contributing to its economy and urban renewal.

As part of our infrastructure contracts, the University supports Emerging Micro Enterprises (EMEs), and it is a condition of most contracts that a minimum of 30% of the contract be subcontracted to a minimum of three EMEs that are majority-owned by black people who operate from premises within the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal boundary, and who are registered in the correct CIDB contractor gradings for the appropriate type and value of the subcontracted works.

Take a look at some of our more recent infrastructure projects (further down), as well as 


Ocean Sciences Campus extensions and renovations

Extensions and renovations made to E&C block on our Ocean Sciences Campus.

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Law Building extension

The R11.6-million ground floor and first floor extension to the Faculty of Law in the Embizweni building on our South Campus.

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New entrance to South Campus

The R17.2m new entrance to South Campus reduces the traffic on Admiralty Way, University Way and Gomery Avenue in Summerstrand.

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Student Village residences

In a first for South Africa, and possibly Africa, Nelson Mandela University used a novel ‘Peri Uno’ building method to speed up construction of much-needed turnkey student accommodation in the Sanlam Student Village next to our South Campus.  Together with the other residences building project on the North Cmpus (due for completion in 2023) an addiotional 1800 additional beds can be offered. 


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Medical School

The R90m Medical School on our Missionvale Campus is located in the township areas of Missionvale and Zwide, and close to public hospitals and clinics. This sends out a strong message that this is the people’s medical school, and contributes to urban renewal.

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Transportation Hub

The R9-million Transportation Hub facility, constructed on the corner of University Way and Gomery Avenue close to our North, South and Ocean Sciences campuses in Summerstrand.


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