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Fri 1 Admissions Committee (08:30)
BTech Block 1 modules end (Forestry and Wood Technology)
Sat 2 First-Year Success (FYS) Programme commences
Welcoming Ceremony for First Year Students (George Campus)
Official Welcoming Ceremony for all first-year students and their parents
Library and Information Services: Vacation hours 10:00-15:00 (South and Missionvale Campuses only)
Sun 3 Library and Information Services closed
Mon 4 Tender Adjudication Committee (09:00)
Tue 5 Executive Committee of Senate (09:00)
Student Disciplinary Committee (08:30)
Publication of Final January 2019 re-examination/special examination results
Wed 6 Research Committee (08:30)
Research Ethics Committee (Animal) (14:00)
Viewing and applications for re-marking of  January 2019 examination answer scripts commence
Thu 7 Academic Titles Committee (09:00)
Student Disciplinary Committee (08:30)
Estate and Facilities Management Committee (14:00)
George Campus SNRM (Faculty of Science) senior students register
George Campus First Year SNRM (Faculty of Science) students register
George Campus HC Veldfire Management First Year (Part-time and full-time) (Faculty of Science) students register
George Campus BTech Nature Conservation, Game Ranch Management and Agricultural Management (full-time) (Faculty of Science) students register
Fri 8 Registration ends
Admissions Committee (08:30)
Blended Learning Committee (12:30)
George Campus Advanced Diploma (Business Studies) students register
George Campus Business and Economic Sciences Faculty senior students register
Graduate School Trimester 1 - Last day for late registration of modules and registration changes
Processing of final year study elsewhere and module credit requests submitted by 25 January deadline for April 2019 graduation purposes end
Final date for the approval by Faculty Postgraduate Studies Committees of applications for studies in abeyance for 2019 from master's and doctoral students 
Last day for the submission of appeals from students who attempted all their modules during the examination and/or re-examination and were refused re-admission for the 2019 academic year
Sat 9 Library and Information Services:  Vacation hours 10:00-15:00 (South and Missionvale Campuses only)
Sun 10 Last day of Summer recess for students
Library and Information Services closed
Mon 11 Registration changes commence
Teaching and Learning Committee (14:00)
Library and Information Services: Term hours
Full-time and part-time lectures commence: Start of first teaching cycle of lectures
HC Veldfire Management Block 1 - 1st semester course commences (First year part-time and full-time)
Late Registration commences1 1Late registration after 8 February is subject to payment of a late registration fee
Tue 12 Library and Information Services Committee (14:00)
Wed 13 Employment Equity Forum (14:00)
Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee (14:00)
Last day for submission of requests for programme/qualification changes for the purpose of graduation in April 2019
Last day for submission of requests for programme/qualification changes for 2018 registered students for the purpose of 2019 registration (Semester 1)
Thu 14 Student Housing Management Committee (09:00)
Fri 15 Extended Management Commitee (10:00)
Last day for viewing and applications for re-marking of November 2018 examination answer scripts
Last day for viewing and applications for re-marking of January 2019 re-examination answer scripts
Sat 16
Sun 17
Mon 18 Information and Communication Technology Committee (14:00)
Tue 19 Student Services Council (14:00)
Postgraduate Studies Committee (09:00)
Wed 20 Management Committee (08:30)
Faculty Board Meeting: Faculty of Education (13:30)
Thu 21 Deans' Forum (08:30)
Madibaz Sport Committee (13:00)
Executive Committee of Council (09:00)
Alumni Association Executive Committee (17:30)
Fri 22 Quality Committee (08:30)
Faculty Board Meeting: Faculty of Law (14:00)
Senior Management Appointments Committee (09:00)
HC Veldfire Management Block 1 - 1st semester course ends (First year part-time and full-time)
Sat 23 Campus Life Festival
Sun 24
Mon 25 Research and Engagement Committee (08:30)
Tue 26 Senate (14:00)
Wed 27 Institutional Forum (14:00)
Research Ethics Committee (Human) (14:00)
Faculty Board Meeting: Faculty of Science (14:00)
Thu 28 Late registration ends
Finance and Facilities Committee (13:00)
Student Affairs Management Committee (10:00)
Human Resources and Remuneration Committee (09:00)
Faculty Board Meeting: Faculty of Health Sciences (12:00)
Graduate School - Last day for cancellation of Trimester 1 modules without penalty
Last day for processing February special last outstanding exams by Academic Departments (12:00)
Last day for submission of examination scripts and final marks reports to the Examination Section (14:00)
Last day for registration changes for the block of lectures that started on 11 February 2019
Final date for approval of master's and doctoral degree examination reports and approval of manuscripts in article format for doctoral candidates for graduation in April 2019