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The Admission Point Score (APS) system allocates point values to the levels of achievement obtained for your matric subjects.

If you take more than 7 subjects, select your 7 best subjects to calculate your APS.

If your APS does not meet the required direct admission score, but does fall within the testing band, you will automatically be referred for testing.

This calculator is merely a guide, final admission is based on your final NSC exam results.

PLEASE NOTE: this calculator will add the points for the subjects you take at school and the marks you achieve. From that calculation, a list of suggested courses will be displayed HOWEVER, some of these courses may have additional requirements e.g. Mathematics and/or Physical Sciences may be compulsory subjects, Life Sciences may be a compulsory subject etc. When you select a possible course, first make sure what the total requirements are.

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First Language
Second Language
Life Orientation (LO)
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