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anon | 17/08/2020 10:11:34
I hope in heaven you still trailblazer':Lungile Pepeta laid to rest.

anon | 16/08/2020 09:51:58
Thank you Professor Pepeta, for the opportunity you afforded me to professionally interact with you. Your humble nature, support and zest for life will be missed. You have left a footprint of hope and admiration in my life to aspire to become greater! You have left behind a legend in medicine and humanity that you can be proud of, for many strive to become successful and display passion for their careers but, alas, it is a balancing challenge that you have mastered. I will miss you!
Go well, RIP.
Antoinette Edwards

anon | 15/08/2020 06:38:31
Ooh uyavuya wena ngcwaba ungoneliyo, uthi umumethe ube ukhangela omnye umfunzelo, ukhamise wongez'umthamo kungawi nomkrezo. Nakalok'unje ukhamisiel'ukwamkel'ingqondi, inkwenkwe yaseLudeke Mission enobuchoph'obuyigolide ebikhutshwe ngokuthenjwa.
Yagqibelela kwebikuthunyiw'ezizweni, yashiy'umtshithi, hayi ndiyaphazama, ngumzila ophangalele ohlum'ujongilanga apho aphathe khona.
Inkcubabuchopho ezinzileyo ngokuyazi imvelaphi noyaphi wayo, enengcambu enzulile okwemisedare eyabonwa ngabelozwee.

Nawe ke Ludeke uhlal'usazi, ngo'njee umumeth'ingqaka elinobuncwane bemaz'ewasaa, intus'emhlophee qhwaa yenkom'ebhantom.
Ethe nokw'inempondo imisile ayadiliza ziintlanti ngenxa yotshobo. Koko yasebenzisa ukutsol'a kwazo ngobunono, ingcib'intanda zentliziyo zesizukulwana esililifa nengomso leli lizwe.

Ubhaliwe Kee Lungile kwimiqulu yamathal'omz'onobutyebi nenkcubeko. Usis'thwal'andwe, ufanelwe sisikhumbuzo sesinyithi, igolide nedayimani, zon'ezawuma zimelan'enamaqhwa, kungqine nezizukulwana.
Ungqinwa ngumzila nekhabathi olitshiyileyo Mnt'am, gwaa, yhini twana uvel'unawuke, sithee nje kanjalo, awaxela nokuxela sitshotshe ngexetsha Mntrwandrini, nyokoo.
Haa babhem, have sikhiyanxekile ngawe mtr'aMfundisi, sijalee ingathi simathuzw'eyikhanka.
Hakunan'i ke, sesixoliswa yint'oba awudemetshang'akwasabani endleleni yakho.

Lala ke mzukulwan'akaPepeta, phumla Ngwane, phumla Hlongwane,
Sawubonana ngomsobonvu orhwaqelis'iqabaka uhlumis'imbewu oyihlwayele.


anon | 14/08/2020 12:54:17
Rest in Peace Prof Pepeta. You truly followed your name “Lungile” as you were indeed a good person. Having first met you when you joined Dora Nginza Hospital and quickly turned the paediatrics department into an area where dietitians wanted to work in, I looked up to your leadership style as you made sure that the doctors in your team understood the multidisciplinary team approach to healthcare. When you joined the Nelson Mandela University as our Faculty Dean I knew that the Faculty was on the right path. You have been committed to continuing professional development and supported a lot of people including myself to grow in their careers and professions. You were a true inspiration and your energy and enthusiasm will be greatly missed. You have left a lasting legacy! Huntshu Gorha Ndini! Sincere condolences to the Pepeta family,
Phumeza Mkontwana
Department of Dietetics, Nelson Mandela University

anon | 14/08/2020 12:24:51
I have had no words since I heard the news! I just am to be honest numb.
He was just such a kind and generous soul.
My sincere condolences to you and the entire University.
Dr Flavia Senkubuge
President of The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa

anon | 14/08/2020 12:11:15
I met Lungile before he joined Mandela University and was struck by his passion for not only his discipline and patients but for society as a whole. His passion was infectious and I was delighted when he joined our University community. As a son of the Eastern Cape, his drive for realising his dreams was and remain inspirational. Lungile, you have left us with a task to complete. We will pick up the baton and complete the race. Till we meet again my friend.
Prof Darelle Van Greunen
Director Centre for Community Technologies

anon | 14/08/2020 11:10:23
Deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Prof Pepeta. What a loss for the University and the province! Heartfelt condolences to his family, and to his friends and colleagues.
Marian Neale-Shutte
Office for Institutional Strategy

anon | 14/08/2020 09:46:25
Rest in peace Prof, liyinene elithi isitya esihle asidleli, phumla ngoxolo Sangweni
Prof Zoleka Soji
Director: School of Behavioural and Lifestyle Sciences

anon | 14/08/2020 09:34:47
I was so sad to read of the passing of Prof. He was such a gentlemen and did so much for the community and the university.
I am sure he will be greatly missed and always remembered for what he did and who he was , a husband ,father , doctor and colleague.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your colleagues at this very sad and difficult time.
Warm regards
Lynette Day
Rennies Travel

anon | 14/08/2020 08:33:43
We are forever grateful to have been touched by your beautiful special soul, if only for a moment. We wanted it to be forever. We were granted a fleeting blessed moment with you. But your deeds and dedication have made sure that this gift that has been you life remains eternal in our hearts. Lala ngoxolo my dearest friend. You will be forever be remembered by your Sis Zuki.

anon | 14/08/2020 07:26:28
Ngwane, Goza , Kunene, Masengwasileke, Ndukuzinobulongwe, Zinonombela. Rest in eternal peace Lungile. You have laid the foundation, you have run the race. Our promise to you is to soldier on. We pray for repose of your soul Lungile. Thandi Mgwebi.

anon | 13/08/2020 22:46:55
2017 was the year we first met Prof. and this was the year he started calling us his troublesome old children "Abantwana bam abadala abahluphayo".
We found that he viewed us as having potential to be greater than how we imagined ourselves to be.
Tata we miss you everyday, the way you would throw medical terms at us and when we had blank expressions say "Yes, you need to know your field of practice better than the authors of the textbooks that taught you".
Tata we miss you. Your mentorship, guidance and words of encouragement will never leave us. We will hold onto the memories and humility you have taught us.
Thank you for allowing us into your space, and Thank you for being the father we never had. Lala Ngoxolo
Your infectious laugh and smile will be in our memory forever.
Nontobeko Ndlovu SRC Health Sciences Rep 2019.
Nathi Nelani SRC Health Sciences Rep 2018, FHS Academic Advisor.

anon | 13/08/2020 21:52:44
I never met nor engaged with Prof Pepeta, but i certainly read his articles on his passion for the advancement of Primary Health Care,and how He was so looking forward to the establishment of the Medical School,and of course I was inspired by His vigour and determination to speak truth to power on the state of health care in the EC.It was very refreshing to read his insight from a very informed apolitical viewpoint,but all the time wanting the best for the people,His people for the Eastern Cape.I salute,I salute.You will form a formidable team with Prof Mayosi in eternity.You were a true example of BLACK EXCELLENCE,not Mediocrity. I salute

anon | 13/08/2020 19:17:11
I will remember our dear Lungile as a warm, compassionate, fun-loving and dedicated pioneering soul who touched so many lives through his caring manner. Before he became my colleague as a member of senior management at the University, I met Lungile when my daughter was referred to him by her paediatrician due to a congenital heart condition. She was also diagnosed with leukaemia as a young child and was very traumattised from the chemotherapy treatment so she was deeply suspicious of hospitals and medical professionals. Lungile had a very special way of relaxing her with his gentle and humorous approach and she looked forward to her visits to his practice. As a colleague, Lungile had the ability to light up the most serious meetings and workshops with his characteristic energy and naughty sense of humour while ensuring that the work got done and the interests of his students and staff were promoted. His tireless efforts to establish the tenth medical school at Mandela University assisted us in navigating some tricky challenges and it was such a momentous accomplishment when he shared with us the excellent news that the medical programme had been offically accredited by the Health Professions Council of SA a few months ago. Over and above his multiple academic and career achievements, I will remember Lungile most as a man of integrity who cared deeply for his family, students, staff and vulnerable communities of the Eastern Cape. He never lost his sense of purpose and pursued this with dogged determination and passion. I will miss his warmth, smile and big hugs - as well as his unique way of connecting with every individual at their point of need. We have lost a hero, but his legacy will live on through each one of us who set out to ensure that his mission to create a better world is not forgotten nor abandoned. My deepest condolences to his wife, children and extended family.
With gratitude,
Heather Nel
Senior Director: Institutional Strategy, Nelson Mandela University

anon | 13/08/2020 18:39:34
Dear Professor Pepeta,

May your soul continue to rest in peace. Your death was untimely but I believe you lived your purpose. Your incredible work continues to echo through all corners of the world beacuse you were indeed a TRAILBLAZER! we will always remember you and graduations will never be the same. You celebrated each of us with a "HALALA" oh what a loss! Your departure will be felt for many many years and as we try to navigate living and continuing from where you left off, your memory will forever be in our hearts. I broke down at the news of your death, it was too much to bare because I understood the magnitude of the loss. May your wife, Dr Vuyo Pepeta, Your beautiful daughter, Kungawo and handsome son Lungaka find healing in Jesus name. You have done your part, we let you go! Hamba kahle Tata! Etlela hi kurhula Tatana Professor Pepeta

With Love
Mrs. Ntsako E. Mogatosi

anon | 13/08/2020 15:54:53
Prof Pepeta lived 90 years in his 45 years, if only we could all take this lesson from his life. May his legacy continue to live through his students while God grants him eternal rest. Strength and comfort to his family as they bear the pain of their loss.
Teri-Lynne Fogarty
Pharmacy Department, Mandela University

anon | 13/08/2020 15:43:50
To our beloved Prof Pepeta,
I cannot believe you are with us no more. You had so much still to give. So many plans for the university, the city, and the province. You were a game changer, an inspiration, and encourager of your people to reach our dreams and full potential.
Always willing to give us your time… to listen, to engage. Help finding solutions for challenges we never thought possible. Always inspiring us to do better.
On a personal level, helping me and encouraging me on my PhD journey. Sharing your own PhD journey with me, making sure I had everything I needed to succeed.
Making a huge fuss with your big smile, for every small achievement reached by me and others. Proudly announcing these at our BOF meetings. Celebrating with us.
I cannot believe you are no more. Thank you for everything, Prof.
Rest in peace now. Your memory will be honoured, treasured and remembered forever.
Esmarie van Tonder
Dietetics Department
Mandela University

anon | 13/08/2020 15:41:39
Condolences on the passing of Prof Pepeta, a strong leader and visionary and previous vice president of SA Heart®.
With kind regards
Erika Dau
General Manager: South African Heart Association® NPC

anon | 13/08/2020 15:39:17
It is with great sadness that I have heard of the recent passing of our beloved friend and colleague, Prof Pepeta.
Please accept my condolences and I shall appreciate it if it could also be conveyed to his wife.
May you all receive strength and deep consolation from God in this very difficult time of mourning and dealing with his loss at multiple levels and at a crucial time for the Faculty and University.
Warmest regards
Emeritus Professor Ben van Heerden
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Stellenbosch University

anon | 13/08/2020 15:37:34
Dear Colleagues of NMU

Our sincere condolences from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology on the passing of Prof Pepeta. May you manage at this difficult time through what he has put in place for the faculty and institution.
Our condolences are with his family too and may we all in our great sadness remember a life well lived.

Kind regards
Penelope Engel-Hills
Deputy Dean: Faculty of Health and Wellness Sciences
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

anon | 13/08/2020 15:35:20
It is with great sadness that we share our condolences with our colleagues at Nelson Mandela University on the passing of their Executive Dean Prof Lungile Pepeta. On behalf of SACoHSD we extend our condolences to his family, colleagues and students as they mourn his passing.
Kind Regards
Prof Anthea Rhoda
Dean: Faculty of Community and Health Sciences
University of the Western Cape

anon | 13/08/2020 15:33:12
It is with great shock that we learnt about the passing of Prof Pepeta. Please could you pass on our condolences to his family and colleagues during this difficult time. May his dear soul rest in peace.
Steve and Sandra
ZDF (German television station)

anon | 13/08/2020 15:30:47
Sincere condolences - we wish you courage and strength during this very difficult time for the Faculty and the University at large.
May his soul Rest In Peace.
Kind regards
Prof Judith Bruce
Assistant Dean: Teaching and Learning
Faculty of Health Sciences

anon | 13/08/2020 15:29:41
I was absolutely shattered by the news of the passing of Professor Pepeta. I regard it as an absolute privilege to have got to know him as a member of NMU Healthcare Committee. He was a most approachable person always smilingly prepared to listen to others, really humble. His passing is a huge loss to the university and the whole community of NMB. Would you please pass on my personal condolences to his family. May the good Lord comfort them at this very sad and difficult time.
Kind regards
Ray Venter (former Mandela University staff member and pensioner)

anon | 13/08/2020 15:28:07
Dear Colleagues
We (Faculty of Pharmacy-Rhodes University) want to express our deepest condolences/deep sadness about the untimely passing of Prof Lungile Pepeta.
Enthusiasm, energy, drive, intelligence, innovation defined his character. I came to appreciate his pleasant conversation during our meetings, and at this stage, and as a lasting legacy, I can think of no better tribute for a dedicated, committed academic. South African Higher Education has lost a great person.
Our deepest sympathies to our NMU colleagues and his family. May God give them the peace and strength that they seek.
Prof SM Khamanga

anon | 13/08/2020 15:27:11
Please receive my heartfelt condolences. This is so sad. May his sweet, humble soul rest in peace.
Professor Nokuthula Sibiya
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching & Learning
Durban University of Technology

anon | 13/08/2020 15:24:55
Dear Staff members of NMU
Our sincere condolences from North-West University with the passing of Prof Pepeta. It was with great sadness that we read of this news. It will be a difficult time for NMU taking into account the big role Prof Pepeta played in the medical school, and in the lives of all the staff members he worked with.
Please also convey our condolences to his family members.
Kind regards
Prof SM Hanekom
Acting Deputy Dean: Teaching and Learning North-West University

anon | 13/08/2020 15:22:35
I would like to send you my heartfelt condolences on the passing of your dear Professor Pepeta. This was truly a shock for me to hear about and it must be absolutely devastating for yourselves who worked with him every day. This is such a loss for everyone.
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, during this very sad time. He is safe in the arms of the Lord. MHDSRIP.
Thinking of you.
Barbara Yates
Manager: SRCC Foundation Trust

anon | 12/08/2020 13:53:20
My heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, colleagues and broader community on the sad passing of Professor Lungile Pepeta. May the love of God grant you much strength, comfort and peace during this difficult time. Rest in peace Professor Pepeta.
Beverley Gray

anon | 12/08/2020 13:45:04
My heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, colleagues and broader community on the sad passing of Professor Lungile Pepeta. May the love of God grant you much strength, comfort and peace during this difficult time. Rest in peace Professor Pepeta.

anon | 12/08/2020 06:46:27
Rest In Peace Qawe lamaQawe. Eastern Cape has loss one of the health pioneers in this difficult time of covid 19.

anon | 12/08/2020 00:10:49
lala ngoxolo and may your soul be blessed❤.

anon | 11/08/2020 21:28:38
I will miss his lovely nature