Adriaan Wiechers 2002


Professor Adriaan Wiechers was born in the Eastern Cape and is a former professor of organic chemistry at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He served as senior scientist and research project leader for Pennwalt Corporation and Dow Agro Sciences in the United States of America, where his passion and love for his work grew tremendously.

As a former principal at DowAgro Sciences in Van der Bijl Park, he enjoyed a very close relationship with the Department of Chemistry at the former Port Elizabeth Technikon and was been instrumental in establishing the department as an internationally recognised centre for advanced industrial chemistry research. He has also acted as promoter, co-promoter and external examiner for a number of students at various universities.

Wiechers is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Director for the South African company, Nutracor Nutrients, consulting with growers to integrate biological farming practices into conventional agriculture and further the science of biological farming.

Professor Adriaan Wiechers received an honorary doctorate from the former Port Elizabeth Technikon in 2002, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to scientific research, especially in the chemistry field.