Danny Jordaan 2006

Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa)

Daniel Alexander Jordaan was born in Port Elizabeth in 1951. He studied at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town and the University of South Africa in Pretoria, completing a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Higher Education and an Honours degree. 

During his years as a student, he joined the South African Students Organisation (SASO) and the South African Black Students Intervarsity Council (SABIC) where he served as a member of the National Council.

After completing his studies, he returned to the Eastern Cape to join the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the South African Council on Sport (SACOS), both bodies being pivotal in the national struggle against Apartheid. He became the Vice-President of SACOS in the Eastern Cape whilst serving as the President of the Eastern Province Soccer Board.  From 1981 until 1994 he was employed by the Dower College of Education in Port Elizabeth where he held the positions of Senior Lecturer, Head and later Rector of part-time programmes.

In 1984 he became the Deputy President of the South African Soccer Federation which held the ideal of a single non–racial football body. In pursuit of these goals he travelled to Lusaka, Zambia, in 1987 as part of a delegation of the National Sports Congress and the South African Soccer Federation where he presented a document on the creation of a single unified South African football body.  

In 1990, Danny Jordaan became the president of the ANC in the Port Elizabeth area and in July 1991, he presented South Africa’s case for re-admission to the Confederation of African Football delegation in Johannesburg as the Acting President of the South African Football Association (SAFA).  Later in 1991, he was elected to serve as Vice-President of SAFA. 

In 1994 he was as a member of the National Assembly under President Nelson Mandela as well as a member of the Department of Trade & Industry’s delegation for the South Africa / European Union Trade Agreement. He served as Director of the 2004 Olympic Bid Company in Cape Town in 1996.

In 1997 he was appointed as Chief Executive of SAFA and in 1998, was seconded to serve as the Chief Executive of the 2006 FIFA World Cup South Africa Bid. In September of 2000, Danny Jordaan returned to the post of Chief Executive of SAFA with his key responsibility being the commercialisation of South African football where he helped to raise the revenue of South African football from US$3,2-million to US$35-million. In December 2001 he was seconded to the 2010 FIFA World Cup Bid South Africa - the position he currently holds.

Danny Jordaan has delivered papers at numerous international conferences dealing with the global economy, the football economy, marketing and African football. Some of his numerous awards include a Presidential Sport Achievement Award from President Mbeki in 2001, a Mayoral Achievement Award from the City of Los Angeles and Marketing Man of the Year, South Africa in 2004 and most recently, the Men’s Health (South Africa), Businessman of the Year award.

His life’s history is enriched with a variety of dynamic paths that eventually earned him this position.  What has kept him going is his fundamental belief in the ability of this country to stage the world’s biggest sports showcase which will leave a legacy long after 2010. He is married to Roxanne and they have two children.

It is indeed an honour for NMMU to confer a Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) on DANIEL ALEXANDER JORDAAN.