Dr Jay Moodliar 2008

Dr Jayaseelan (Jay) Moodliar is a well-known figure in human rights and medical circles in Port Elizabeth.  He studied at the universities of Fort Hare and Natal, and has played a pioneering role as an anti-apartheid and pro-democracy doctor and activist since the 1970s. 
The work of one of the People’s Doctors in our area spans well over four decades.  During this time, Dr Moodliar began to play a pivotal role in supporting democratic ideals in local communities having witnessed the devastating impact apartheid was making on the social health of communities and quality of human life. It became clear to him that without democracy, no sustainable health care intervention was feasible in apartheid South Africa. 
During the late 1970s, Dr Moodliar joined ranks with activists in New Brighton and Zwide to form the legendary Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organisation. PEBCO brought the impact of apartheid policies to international attention when multinational companies such as Ford Motor Company began to question their continued presence in South Africa under laws that were blatantly discriminatory.   
In the eighties, Dr Moodliar supported the formation of the United Democratic Front (UDF) and local community organisations campaigning against apartheid policies.  In the pre-democracy period before the release of Nelson Mandela, he helped to form and served on the first legal ANC branch executive structure in Malabar.  After the establishment of South Africa’s first democratically elected government in 1995, he retired from medical practice but continues to play an active role in local civic and cultural life in Port Elizabeth today.  
Dr Moodliar has been married for 47 years to wife Manogari, has two sons and a daughter. Beyond an interest in civic and political life, he enjoys reading, gardening, listening to the radio, walking, family outings and travel.
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University recognises the selfless contribution to the development of generations of under-privileged people - emblematic of the ideals for which Nelson Mandela has stood for so long - and is proud to present Dr Jay Moodliar with the Council Prestige Award.