Academic Activities Update 26 October


With the possibility of a second wave of infections in the country, the University is taking a pro-active, preventative stance by suspending all engagements that involve large face-to-face meetings among student societies, parties within residence rooms and any other flagrant violation of containment measures. This suspension, introduced on Friday, only relates to those social engagements that are key drivers in transmitting the virus on and off campus.

The immediate suspension of student activities that can lead to a resurgence of the pandemic, does not extend to the present on campus academic activities supported by strict COVID-19 compliance regulations.

The limited number of mask-to-mask experiential learning activities, library and general computer lab usage through online bookings, controlled laboratory and studio work and any other sanctioned academic activities are ongoing.

This also includes limited contact tests and trial examinations which are also hosted under stringent COVID-19 compliance measures, including pre-screening, physical distancing, hand sanitising and wearing of masks. 

The facilitation of and learning support for semester 2 modules remains online and virtual using a variety of platforms.

Students are encouraged to contact their lecturers if they have any queries.

Coronavirus Task Team

Learning and Teaching Workstream