COVID-19 Back to Basics Reminder


With the third wave of the COVID-19 still upon us and anxiety levels raised, we wish to remind staff and students of the basic guidelines and available support around the coronavirus pandemic.

Basic Prevention Measures

Your best defence against the virus, along with vaccination, remains that of wearing your mask, avoiding crowds or socialising in groups, keeping socially distanced, practicing good health hygiene and staying at home. You should continue to do this even if you have been vaccinated.

Monitor Your Wellbeing

Use the university’s self-screen app COVID-19 self-screening tool to monitor your wellbeing.

COVID-19 Symptoms

If you experience two or more of the following symptoms - fever, a continuous cough, shortness of breath, tiredness, muscle aches, congestion or runny nose, headaches, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, nausea or vomiting and diarrhoea - you should immediately telephone your doctor or the student or occupational health colleagues.

Do not visit them personally because if you do have the virus you may unwittingly transmit it to others.

Isolate at Home

Isolate at home or a place where you can avoid others for at least seven days if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive (the general guide is that of spending more than 15 minutes with that person while unmasked and less than two metres apart).

Students to Report Covid19 Positive Status

If you test positive for the virus, you will be advised on the way forward. This will include the need to isolate from all others. You must also report your status to the University’s Health Services via While this is a legal requirement, our health colleagues wish to support emotionally you with their expertise and care by being in telephonic contact.

COVID-19 Resources

For detailed information on how to deal with COVID-10 go to

There you will also find a COVID-19 Home Care Guide.

Wellness Support


Their services can be accessed by contacting the 24/7 Mandela University Wellbeing Programme at 0800 205 333 or email at

Services include:

• 24/7 access to telephonic support

• Counselling services via Zoom and or telephone

• Face-to-face counselling (at the discretion and screening protocol of the Care Centre and Counsellor)

• Telephonic health advice relating to COVID-19 or any other health concern

• Telephonic financial advice and/or legal advice

• Zoom workshops for teams/individuals.

Stay safe and mask up.

Coronavirus Task Team