COVID-19 Return to Campus: Roles, Responsibilities of Line Managers


The University acknowledges the multiple challenges and changes that line managers, in particular, are facing in guiding and ensuring the wellbeing of their teams during such uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

To this end, it has compiled the following process information to assist you.

In addition, please be reminded that your HR Service Partners are available to help you navigate the ever-changing environment while keeping everyone safe as we work towards enabling our students to complete the 2020 academic year.

Supporting Guidelines

From the outset, all managers are requested to familiarise themselves with all COVID-19 compliance regulations and other related information (links on Staff Portal), as safety continues to be the overriding priority.



  1. Return to work risk assessment
  • Evaluate the number of active cases, recovery and declaration of health forms in the department / faculty to determine how safe it is for team members to return to campus.
  1. Pre-return to work readiness
  • Assess and determine what physical measures must be implemented e.g. screens, access control.
  • Engage staff and create awareness so that they can prepare themselves mentally to return to campus.
  • Guide staff to complete the various steps: return to work flow chart
  • Arrange for the collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff members
  • Ensure that all staff earmarked to return to campus have watched the COVID-19 prevention measures’ training videos and have completed the Health Declaration form
  • Advise staff of how to apply for the compulsory permit to be able to return to campus
  • Advise staff to book in advance for a compulsory return-to-work screening session with Occupational Health Services on the first day of their return. Advance bookings can be made on
  1. Staggered / rotational return to work
  • Identify roles that can return to campus: Fully remote, partially remote (hybrid) or on site.
  • Ensure a staggered / rotational approach to minimise risk of virus being contracted / spread.
  1. Compile a return to work department / faculty plan
  • Draw up a plan indicating the roles with starting dates to ensure safety levels and social distancing are maintained.


Ensure that staff practice all prevention measures to aid the University in curbing the spread of the virus:

  • The wearing of a cloth face mask is compulsory
  • Wash hands with soap / apply hand sanitiser
  • Adhere to physical distancing rules and ensure that this is introduced with appropriate signs in your work space
  • Comply with return-to-campus and access control measures at all times.

Intentionally misrepresenting that you or another person has COVID-19 related symptoms is not permitted.


  • Engage in a purposeful and transparent manner with team members
  • Discuss and share the Return to Work process and the return to work Directorate / Faculty plan with all team members
  • Notify individual team members of their return to work date
  • Assure staff of safety measures implemented
  • Brief staff via a team meeting to familiarise and comply with all instructions in respect of health and safety or COVID-19 protocols


  • Ensure that all staff understand and fully comply with all access control measures by scanning staff cards, showing their permit and results of the self-screening tool.

Leadership Role

Your role as a leader becomes even more critical in times of crisis, when team members are seeking assurance and guidance. While none of us has all of the answers for the journey ahead, it is important that we take responsibility in doing all that we can, within our own divisions, to seek solutions to the many working challenges faced in the midst of a pandemic.

No-one understands the role and objectives of your division better than you, which makes you – and your team – the best to seek the best new ways of productive working.

As a reminder, however, the HR Service Partners are available and will be in contact with their respective Faculty / Directorate Leadership to assist in formalising these returns to work plans.

Coronavirus Task Team
Human Resources Workstream