Call for all to complete COVID-19 prevention measures training


Prevention is our best defence in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, each staff member needs to know what these prevention measures are and how to practice them. 

To enable this, all managers whose team members are returning to campus (now, and in the foreseeable future) must ensure that staff have completed the COVID-19 prevention measures training. This is in line with national directives, but more importantly as one of the interventions to assist in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all those on campus.

Online Moodle Training

The online training simply means watching six short video clips in either English or isiXhosa via Moodle:

To access the training, staff need to insert their current university login and password to gain access to the videos.

Click on the enlarge icon on the small screen to enable the full screen viewing. After viewing each of the videos, staff will be required to indicate whether they have understood the information and are committed to practicing the procedures.

There is also an opportunity to ask questions and/or raise concerns in the feedback step. Occupational Health Services will follow up on such feedback.

Compulsory Before Returning to Campus

This training must be completed before returning to campus. HR will be documenting the response as part of COVID-19 compliance regulations.

Even if you are not returning to campus immediately, you are encouraged to complete the training, and educate others as to the importance of practising good health hygiene and always maintaining physical distancing.

Various other training initiatives are underway. Please contact for all training needs during these uncertain times.

Coronavirus Task Team
Human Resources Workstream