Call for all to use Mandela Uni’s online COVID-19 self-screening tool


To monitor your own wellbeing, all staff and students should use the University’s own online COVID-19 self-screening tool.

The tool indicates your risk to COVID-19 after answering a short series of questions. You will also need to share the self-screening outcome to enable access to various entrances across the University’s campuses. The tool will also advise you on what to do if you screen moderate or high risk.

Self-Screening Link

The link is:

To date, more than 10 866 screenings have been captured and displayed on a dedicated dashboard which is solely monitored by the University’s healthcare services for privacy reasons. This offers an overall picture of the status of staff and students on campus and forms part of national safety compliance regulations.   

Please add the link to your home screen on your phone and/or laptop to allow for regular self-screening – at least twice a day - while on any of the University’s Port Elizabeth or George campuses. To support you with this, please see attached “How to” steps.


All staff and students need to log in using your standard University username and password. Should you struggle to log in, please contact the University’s Helpdesk on extension 3000 or email


The need for ongoing self-screening is one of the interventions in place at Nelson Mandela University as we adapt to new ways of working, learning, teaching and living in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its success, and ultimately your own wellbeing, is dependent on your support and commitment.

Coronavirus Task Team
Health and ICT Services Workstreams