Call for ongoing vigilance as University records nil COVID-19 cases


With fears of a Third Wave of increased COVID-19 infections predicted, the University is calling on all staff and students to remain vigilant and continue to practice prevention measures.

The plea comes after more than a month of no recorded cases among either Nelson Mandela University staff and students, and a decreasing number of individuals being identified as “persons under investigation” (PUIs).

With the 2021 Academic Year now underway and increasing numbers of staff and students physically on campus, as well as in large on- and off-campus residences, this is good news.

Acknowledgment of support

The University wishes to thank everyone for changing their behaviour to this end and hopes that, as a community, we can safeguard the present status, and one another, by remaining vigilant.

The support of students, especially those who abided by the ten-day quarantine period in on- and off-campus residences to mitigate against possibly spreading the coronavirus, is much appreciated. This gratitude also extends to all who are behaving responsibly by avoiding large crowds and are continuing to “mask up” both on and off campus. 

Call for vigilance

This call for continued vigilance comes as Easter weekend is approaching and families travel and traditionally come together to celebrate.

Last year, the University recorded 38 different periods of quarantine among its accredited residences both on- and off-campus, with some placed under quarantine more than once because of cluster outbreaks. A cluster outbreak is when two or more cases are recorded in the same place (a residence or work space or team) within 72 hours, and then it is compulsory, as per national COVID-19 regulations, to put the place or team under quarantine.

This had a hugely negative impact, especially in terms of both individual wellness and the academic programme since students, for example, were unable to attend mask-to-mask study sessions or examinations.

We wish to avoid a repeat of these challenges by doing what we can to halt transmission of the virus by  remaining vigilant and acting responsibly. As per our COVID-19 campaign, “it is your hands” to do so.

Until Phase 2 of the national vaccination rollout begins and South Africa reaches population or so-called herd immunity, practicing COVID-19 prevention measures is the only way we can protect ourselves and others.  

As a university, we have already lost 11 staff members and a student to the pandemic, and do not want this number to increase.

Coronavirus website

All new students are urged to familiarise themselves with all on-campus health and safety protocols to be found on our coronavirus website.  Prevention measure videos by the University and Higher Health and the My Mandela Student Guide are all available on this site.

Coronavirus Task Team

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