DoH call for Students details for Phase 2 of COVID-19 vaccination plan


As the country prepares for Phase 2 of the national COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout Plan, the Eastern Cape Department of Health (EC DoH) wishes to urgently gather key information of all Nelson Mandela University staff and students for planning purposes.

All Department of Higher Education and Training staff and students have been classified as being part of the essential and congregant groups under Phase 2 of the rollout plan, scheduled from late April or early May.

The University has the relevant information, but in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), all students have the right to object to the sharing of such information – your ID number/Passport number contact cellphone number, and qualification registered.

If you do not wish for Mandela University to share this information with DOH please contact by 5pm on Wednesday, 14 April).

Coronavirus Task Team

Legal and Health Services workstreams