Entrenching the Online Booking Culture


One of the many changes brought about by the impact of the global pandemic has been the shift towards an increased reliance on technology.  In efforts to promote safety, the University has made deliberate strides in harnessing technology in support of learning and teaching and research as well as enabling remote working.

The move has been embraced by the University as evidenced by the increase in number of automated processes and workflow during the 200-plus days of Lockdown to date.

While these online developments were fast-tracked for safety reasons, they are all aligned with a long-term goal of enabling access to “education at any time and at any place”. The digital approach not only brings efficiency and convenience but is also a more sustainable and efficient way of operating.

Embrace a new booking culture

In short, online booking systems and the like are here to stay, so the University community is encouraged to get into the new habit of booking online.  By so doing, the service departments are able to plan better and consequently improve the overall service experience for staff and students.

A list of all the new online systems on the Return to Campus website and within the new electronic Student Guide are available in both places for your convenience.

New online booking links

Some of the more popular links are included below, with several more still in development:

Coronavirus Task Team

ICT Services Workstream