Level 2: COVID-19 Screening Guide for Keeping us all Safe


With no new COVID-19 cases on any of its campuses in the past week, the University is committed to doing all that it can to maintain the status quo by calling on the support of all staff and students to make this possible.

This call for each of us to take responsibility in protecting ourselves and others comes as the country moves to less restrictive Level 2 conditions, and the possibility of a surge in new infections.

To effectively manage the return of up to 66% of staff and students, you are asked to embrace the following:

  1. Complete Health Declaration

This is mandatory for all staff regardless of your age and wellbeing - https://hrapps.mandela.ac.za/CO-MORBIDITIES/

  1. Complete online COVID-19 prevention measures training

This is also mandatory in terms of the sector-specific regulations - https://learn.mandela.ac.za/login/index.php

  1. Pre-book initial on-campus screening

Everyone who is returning to work on campus as agreed with their line manager, should book an initial screening session with the COVID-19 Screening Centre by contacting Kobus Magielies (Kobus.magielies@mandela.ac.za), Zilla Shaw (Zilla.Shaw@mandela.ac.za), Fiona Magnus (Fiona.Magnus@mandela.ac.za) or Sharyl Septoo (Sharyl.Septoo@mandela.ac.za)

The first 33% of staff who have already returned to work and been screened are to continue using the mobile screening app (see below).

The next 33%, as part of Level 2, will be screened at the screening stations on their respective campuses on return to work, having pre-booked.

This is to enable the healthcare professionals to effectively manage the return to campus of each staff member in a manageable way since the University has neither the capacity to screen large numbers of people nor wishes to bring crowds together.

After the initial on-site screening, all staff will need to self-screen using the University’s online screening app/tool (see below).

  1. Use the University COVID-19 self-screening tool

Please get into the habit of taking responsibility for your own wellbeing by using the University’s self-screening tool, which provides an update on your risk to COVID-19 after your response to a number of questions. The result of your screening can be used to allow for easier movement on campus, as it may be needed to access certain venues.


The information provided feeds back to Occupational Health Care (OHC) services who, dependent on your results, will follow up with you. The tool is already being actively used by our students, with 36 200 online screenings to date.

  1. Get your Personal Protective Equipment   

You may not enter campus without a mask. To get your own University PPE (two masks and hand sanitiser) contact xoliswa.lumambo@mandela.ac.za to make arrangements for collection through your line manager.

Other COVID-19 Compliance Matters
In addition to the above, please ensure that you adhere to the following:

  • It is mandatory that anyone who has had COVID-19 or has been in quarantine as a contact, must report to the COVID-19 Screening Centre on North Campus to be cleared and receive supporting information and special masks
  • Anyone who has flu-like symptoms should contact their doctor and not return to work until cleared by the physician

For any related HR concerns, please contact your HR Service Partner or email HR@mandela.ac.za or health concerns, contact any Occupational Health staff members above or call 041 504 1003 or 504 1526.

All new processes and guidelines, inclusive of the above and other health, safety and wellness support, are included in the Return to Campus Guide, on the coronavirus website.

Coronavirus Task Team
Occupational Health Workstream