Level 2: Way Forward for Staff and Students


The same controlled, phased approach for the “return to campus of staff and students” under the present regulations, will be followed for the new Lockdown Level 2 restrictions, to ensure that health and safety compliance continues to be well managed.

This means that staff and students who have not yet been invited back, may only return to campus if officially notified to do so.

The principle of working and studying remotely remains in place where this is possible, especially since the virus is still prevalent and a vaccine has not yet been developed.

A sudden, uncontrolled mass return to campus of staff and students could overwhelm the capabilities of the University’s on-campus screening facilities and also see a surge in new infections.  At present, there are no new COVID-19 student cases and just three staff members who are presently positive.

Full details on the University’s Lockdown Level 2 plans for both staff and students will soon follow.

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