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On-campus prevention measures


New working arrangements, production of our own hand sanitiser and the training of Contact Centre staff are among the many measures that have been implemented in the past week to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the University.

As of today, Line Managers are introducing new working arrangements for their teams to enable as many staff as possible to work from home. The first batch of hand sanitisers produced by the University’s InnoVenton team (see article), are being decanted into spray bottles for use across campus to bolster efforts in containing the pandemic.

Reduced Entry Points

With no students and a decreasing number of staff working on campus during Recess, the number of entry points onto campus or into buildings will be decreased or closed completely. The Marine Drive gate on South Campus for instance, is already closed as well as the back entrance (on 5th Ave) at Second Avenue Campus.  The latter will only happen once deep cleaning of each has been completed.


Specialised deep cleaning of empty lecture facilities, labs and residences will start on Monday with venues being systematically closed until such time as the University is given the go-ahead to resume face-to-face lecturing.

This same process will happen across all campuses, including George in the southern Cape, where the first positive cases for the area have been confirmed.

In addition, the University will continue to clean those areas being used, especially the ablutions, kitchens and lift areas.

If you have particular cleaning needs, please contact Rachael Japtha on so this can be factored into the new system of working.   

Hand Sanitiser   

Trained staff will sanitise the hands of all staff, students and visitors at key entry points, including the boom gates. The University was able to effect the use of hand sanitiser as of today, despite there being a national shortage of hand sanitiser, thanks to the quick turnaround by the InnoVenton team.


The Occupational Health and Wellness team has trained various role players to be effective during these uncertain times, including Protection Services staff and the Contact Centre. 

Contact Centre

Mandela University’s Contact Centre is now the first port of call for students and staff to report or enquire about possible Coronavirus infections during office hours. 

The University’s Emergency Hotline number 0800 504 911 was configured with voice prompts to either report an emergency with Protection Services (Option 1) or COVID-19 enquiries for the Contact Centre (Option 2).


The University has produced a number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) posters and an A5 flyer to create awareness and guide readers as what to do. If you need posters (full selection available on the website), please contact Elma de Koker on  


Our dedicated Coronavirus website is a useful resource to obtain information on the virus as well as to access specific Mandela University related information. There are links to reputable sites, statistics and videos as well as a repository of all the MEMOs that have been published. Prevention posters are on the site as well as an FAQ section.  This site is proving popular externally with companies and schools asking to share it. 

Should you have questions relating to the COVID-19 situation at Mandela University, you can submit them on the site and we will ask the relevant department or persons involved to provide answers which we will add to our FAQs.

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