Quarantine Part of COVID-19 Containment


The quarantining of residences forms part of national COVID-19 regulations aimed at countering the spread of the pandemic. It is introduced when two or more students in the same residence or any other area for that matter, contract the virus within 72 hours.

Placing a residence under quarantine is a vital step in managing the possibility of a large-scale outbreak. Students living in the same residence may have unknowingly contracted the virus and so need to monitor their own wellbeing while isolating for ten days. At present, there are eight residences under quarantine (see list attached).

Please be assured that anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 is immediately moved to a suitable venue so as not to pose an unnecessary risk to others and to get well while their health is monitored (at home or a medical facility).  Close contacts are also removed to an alternative so that they can be safely monitored without posing a risk to others.

What Residence Quarantine Means
When a residence is placed under quarantine (usually for 10 days), it means occupants may not leave their facility and that movement within is also restricted in a precautionary bid to manage risks.

In addition to practising all basic COVID-19 prevention measures (wearing masks, social distancing and practising all health hygiene), the following measures are also implemented:

  • Cooking and cleaning rosters to ensure good hygiene and reduced numbers in these hot-spot areas
  • Students must remain in their rooms except to visit the bathroom or cook
  • No gatherings or functions allowed. This will continue beyond quarantine, until further notice
  • Zero tolerance of drinking, visiting each other’s rooms or accepting visitors          


Students should continue with COVID-19 self-screening daily (morning/evening) and notify management if they show any symptoms. Student Health Services will be immediately notified.


When a students’ residence has been placed under quarantine, no students – regardless of how well the individual is feeling – may leave the residence to attend an academic or any other off-campus event. Affected students must contact their lecturers (see attached list of faculty contacts) advising them of their circumstances and continuing to study from their rooms.


Given the implications associated with non-compliance, sanctions have been introduced ranging from R500 to that of being sent home.


If students are anxious (which is not necessary, if you are complying with the above compliance regulations), please do not hesitate to seek the virtual support of our counsellors (Emthonjeni Student Wellness).

We appreciate that a ten-day quarantine period is both difficult and inconvenient, but it is critical in our efforts and students’ wellbeing to contain the spread of the virus. We thank you for your co-operation to this end.

Let’s #savelives and #savetheacademic year. It is in Your “sanitised” Hands to do so!

Coronavirus Task Team

Student Health Services and Student Life and Development Workstreams