Report all COVID-19 cases and off-campus vaccinations


As a communicable disease, each of us, whether a student or staff member, is obliged to report our COVID-19 positive status to the University.

Likewise, it is mandatory to report one’s vaccination status to the University. While this information will be captured at the University’s own Vaccination Centres, those who were vaccinated elsewhere need to report this information to the institution.

This information is kept confidential and for reporting purposes only.

Reporting Process Students

Students to report any such relevant information to or call 041 504 1149 or alert your lecturer or residence manager to support you with this process.

Reporting Process Staff

Staff to report this information to or call 041 504 1003 or inform your line manager who can, in turn, forward the relevant information to the health colleagues.

Stay safe.

Vaccination Rollout Workstream