Staff members praise care, support during COVID-19 recovery


In a bid to create awareness, destigmatise the coronavirus and offer hope, four more University staff members have shared their stories, each emphasising the importance of support they received during their recovery from COVID-19.

Their stories are shared on various University platforms.

George Campus’s Ntandozo Botoman, of Protection Services, was overwhelmed by the support he received from his community and neighbours in Thembalethu, when he needed to self-isolate after contracting COVID-19.

Institutional Events Manager Allison Olivier, who kept a diary of her experiences, especially acknowledges the support of family and friends, as she also grappled with being separated from her husband and young son.

Protection Services’ Gloria Klaas says she will be forever grateful for the advice she received from the University’s Occupational Healthcare staff members and for the support of her parents in caring for her nine-month-old baby.

School of Visual and Performing Arts Laboratory Technician and Master’s students Skye Cronje calls the Occupational Health Care team “superheroes” for their professionalism and care. She’s also thankful for work colleagues and friends who kept her fed.

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