Student Safety in Return to Campus Processes


As increasing numbers of students prepare to return to campus in line with Lockdown Level 2 regulations, so our vigilance at maintaining the present low transmission status at Nelson Mandela University must be retained.

A commitment to consistently embrace COVID-19 prevention measures and follow the new on-campus processes and protocols will go a long way to ensuring that we protect ourselves and others.

To this end, you are requested to please familiarise yourself with what to expect should you be notified to return to campus.

About Returning
Only notified students who have agreed to the new terms and conditions for living and studying on campus can return. This is to both effectively manage the University in the midst of a pandemic and ensure COVID-19 safety compliance.

  • Students who have been notified to return but have contracted COVID-19 or who are in self-isolation because they are a “contact”, should remain at home for the full 14-day quarantine period before turning. They will not lose their place at campus.
  • Students who have had COVID-19 must report this to Student Health Services (041 504 1149 or 041 504 2174) to receive the necessary follow-up support, including the supply of special surgical masks 
  • Students must alert residence managers and lecturers as to when they are returning
  • Residence students will spend 14 days in quarantine on campus upon their return

Screening Process upon Return

  • Students will not be allowed to enter campus without a travel permit (the proof that you have been notified to return) or a student card
  • Everyone entering campus must wear a mask. (The University will also supply you with masks and hand sanitiser)
  • All students will be screened upon their return, be in at the entrance to campus, residence or clinic.  DO NOT SKIP THIS PROCESS since this is for your own wellbeing and that of others.

IT IS IN YOUR HANDS. Please consistently practice prevention measures.

Ongoing Screening

Please consistently use the University’s COVID-19 Self-Screening tool to check your wellbeing. Start now. The link is:

The result of screening may be needed to access certain areas and venues. Staff and students will need to repeat the self-surveillance every four hours if on campus. The medium or high-risk result is also shared directly with the University healthcare professionals who will follow up with you, dependent on your result.

A Changed Campus

The campus staff and students left behind in March is very different today. Check out the new-look campus video and the Return to Campus page on the coronavirus website to get a sense of the changes.

Coronavirus Task Team
Student Health Services Workstream