Student recruitment interventions


COVID-19 continues to have a tremendous impact on the lives of many, as its ripple effect is felt across the world. For high school learners the uncertainty around their ability to successfully complete the 2020 academic year has left many adrift, but we are confident that the interventions currently being implemented by the Department of Basic Education and other key stakeholders to help learners in all grades complete the 2020 academic year, will alleviate some of the concerns they currently face.

The University has plans in place to support staff and students in the continuation of their academic work, which includes a great deal of thinking and planning around various scenarios with the aim of providing learning, teaching and research activities along multiple, staggered pathways.

Similar plans are also being put into place to guide prospective students.

The University’s student recruitment team has made themselves available to answer learners’ University related questions using various online platforms, as well as to support current and mature students in exploring postgraduate opportunities going forward.

Online posts aimed at various stakeholders are currently being shared around online resources available to assist learners, including:

  • The dedicated student recruitment website myfuture@mandela with various resources to guide prospective students in exploring the University’s vast opportunities.
  • A dedicated email address to answer recruitment related enquiries:
  • An online form to request additional information
  • Various online learning platforms which can be found under the “E-learning resources during COVID-19” on this site
  • Wellness tips
  • Alternative pathways for entering Higher Education via extended curriculum qualifications, or furthering their studies at postgraduate level.

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