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Students Returning to Campus in 2021


For returning students to Nelson Mandela University early in 2021, the same protocols and processes apply, particularly in terms of needing a University permit to access the campus and residences.

Permits still apply

If you already have a permit, just follow the same processes as before by using your student card and showing your online self-screening app results in order to enter any of the University’s seven campuses.

If you need to return to be on campus for a face-to-face activity, like an exam, and do not have a permit, please contact your lecturer soonest, so that the necessary supporting information can be forwarded to you. Returning students need to agree to certain terms and conditions relating new practices and changed behaviours on campus as part of the University’s safety measures.

Remote Studying

The continued use of the permit system under level 1 is to ensure ongoing good management of COVID-19 compliance regulations, especially given the Metro’s COVID-19 hotspot status. Students are encouraged then, as before, to continue studying remotely where this is possible as we continue to complete the 2020 academic year.


Also, as before, please factor in a ten-day quarantine period in your residence, both on and off campus, as one of the many measures in place to mitigate against unnecessary spread of the virus.   

Remain vigilant

To this end, wherever you go during the festive season, please continue to remain vigilant. While we may have “COVID-19 fatigue”, the virus is not tired. You are urged to continue to practice all COVID-19 prevention measures for your own safety and that of others. These simple actions continue to be the best form of defence against the pandemic.

Coronavirus Information

For additional related coronavirus information, go to the My Mandela Return to Campus Student Guide or consult the coronavirus website

Coronavirus Task Team

Student Life and Development Workstream