Update: Mandela University Vaccination Rollout Plans Nearing Completion


Nelson Mandela University’s readiness to offer staff and students the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccination at their place of employ or study took a positive step forward in Gqeberha and George last week with the first of a three-part accreditation process by the local Department of Health.

The University has also since received its permit to hold the vaccine on site in terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 101 of 1965, and added to the Master Facility List for dispensing the vaccine.

Vaccination Centre Accreditation Process
Officials from various Department of Health workstreams visited the University’s North Campus in Gqeberha last week and likewise on George Campus to ascertain preparedness as accredited vaccination centres as part of the country’s phased COVID-19 vaccination rollout plans.

This included assessment of the University’s procurement of special vaccination infrastructure (field homes) and equipment (special fridges); its ICT support; security measures for protecting the vaccine; its safety, health and environment (SHE) support measures, particularly as it relates to storage of the vaccine and waste management; the training of vaccinators and signage for guiding the vaccination process, among other logistical support needs.

Only once any identified shortcomings have been addressed, will the Department of Health’s provincial and national accreditation representatives return for the final inspection. This is expected to happen in the near future.   

Phase 2 Rollout Date

The University expects the second phase of the national vaccination rollout programme to begin later this month, starting with the over 60 staff members, who will be able to be vaccinated on campus subject to final accreditation approvals (see registration process below).

It is not yet known when students and those over the age of 18 will be vaccinated as discussions regarding essential worker definitions and the rollout order are still ongoing.

Ready to Serve

Indeed, very little is ever certain as has been the case from the outset of the global pandemic.  The University however remains flexible, and ready to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

A multi-stakeholder Vaccine Rollout Workstream has been working to this end since February. All the University’s professional nursing staff have been vaccinated and trained to offer vaccinations, regardless of which vaccine the University receives. The Workstream has also been working with the Department of Health in both the Eastern Cape and Western Cape (for George Campus), the local metro teams and medical aid companies all in a bid to ensure a smooth rollout of the vaccination programme once the go-ahead is given.

Electronic Vaccine Data System (EDVS)   

All staff and students over the age of 60 were advised to register on the country’s national Electronic Vaccine Data System. If you have not yet done so, please go to: https://vaccine.enroll.health.gov.za/#/

You will need:

  • Access to the internet
  • Your ID number or passport number (non-SA) and general contact information. Your cellphone will be used as the primary mode of communication
  • Your medical aid details.

Arrangements are also being made to assist those staff members who may not have easy access to the internet. ICT Services has also developed a programme that complements the EVDS and will enable the University to monitor its own staff and students.

Education and Training

Please also be reminded that the University has a dedicated Vaccination Rollout webpage containing all relevant information on vaccines, and that Human Resource are presently offering online education and training sessions by nursing professionals.

Vax Fax Webinar for Staff and Students

A webinar will be hosted on Monday, 17 May at which staff and students who have been vaccinated will share their experiences and details on the University’s vaccination plans. More details will follow.

Medical Aid

The University has been liaising with all staff members’ medical aid providers. At this stage, only Bonitas is set to join the University health professionals in offering the vaccination from North Campus with four additional vaccinators.  More details relating to medical aids and vaccination process to follow. 

Coronavirus Task Team

Vaccine Rollout Workstream