What Notified Returning Students Need to Access Campus, Use Shuttles


With health and safety the overriding priority at Nelson Mandela University in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, students who have been notified to return to campus will need to follow stringent processes, including the mandatory use of three key items to enable safer ease of movement.

Without such proof, access will unfortunately need to be denied in line with national safety compliance measures under Lockdown Level 3.

  1. COVID-19 Online Self-Screening Tool

This tool has been developed by the University to enable staff and students to monitor their own wellbeing. The self-screening result is needed for entering campus, residences, the clinic and for using the Shuttle Service.

The link is: https://webapps.mandela.ac.za/screening

The cell phone “receipt” of your COVID-19 risk level screening is only valid for four hours, so staff and students will need to get into the habit of regular self-screening.

  1. Study/Travel Permit

Only notified students who accepted the terms and conditions of the “new-look” University are in possession of a study permit.  This permit, along with the screening receipt (above) and their student card (below), is required to enter the University’s campuses and buildings, as well as for using the Shuttle Service.

  1. Student Card

In addition, returning students must carry their student cards for access onto campus, into certain lecture facilities and labs, residences and for using the limited Shuttle Service.  This information will be fed into the University’s integrated systems which provide a real-time picture of numbers, venues and Shuttles and will enable quick contact tracing if needed.

Support to Students

If you need support as a student who has accepted the conditions to return, please contact your lecturer, residence manager or Helpdesk.  Contact details are available on the University’s coronavirus website.

Coronavirus Task Team
ICT Services, Support Services and Student and Life Development Workstreams