Working arrangements for staff


The University will be adapting its usual working arrangements to limit the number of staff on its seven campuses while still ensuring operational continuity during the Recess period starting today.

In response to the national call to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus by avoiding large numbers of people and practicing social distancing, Line Managers are being requested to seek alternative working solutions for their teams in keeping the University functional until  15 April 2020 when Recess ends.

Yesterday, all students were requested to vacate their on and accredited off-campus residences and return to their homes where they are better placed to self-isolate. 

New arrangements

In line with the principle of reducing staff numbers on campus and allowing people to work at home where possible, Line Managers will devise new working arrangements that may see staff rotate and / or work from home / host virtual meetings and the like to continue academic and PASS work.

The proposed solution will be dependent on each division’s particular needs and agreements reached with line management.

This is in addition to the critical services, such as Protection Services, Catering, ICT and Communication, that needs to continue, albeit with skeleton staff  on the ground. The University will also systematically shut down those facilities not needed during Recess, once they have been deep cleaned in line with the institution’s supporting sanitisation plans.

Entry points

Furthermore, to better manage the day-to-day operations, the number of entry points to the various University campuses will also be decreased and personal sanitisation efforts increased. All staff must carry their staff cards to enable monitoring of our e-register. Line Managers must ensure that hard copy registers are completed daily.

Working remotely

This is part of the self-isolation measures encouraged nationally to prevent the spread of the pandemic in South Africa. Staff are expected to perform their duties remotely including working from home as far as reasonably possible. Working arrangements should be achieved in consultation with direct Line Managers and will vary from division to division.

Where possible, face-to-face meetings must be limited, as employees are encouraged to self-isolate. Contact should mostly be telephonic or through digital platforms. Consideration can be given to rotational work arrangements where suitable.

Leave Management

Since the University operations must continue, staff  are not on leave. Staff who are unable to perform their function on campus, e.g. Horticultural Services, are not expected to apply for leave. Line Managers will ensure operations continue and critical services are not compromised.

Any planned leave arrangement stands. If the leave status changes as per University practice and policy, staff  must liaise with their Line Manager.

Hygiene etiquette

As a reminder, please practice social distancing (a distance of 2m) and sneeze or cough into your elbow.

The University Staff Portal contains the link to the coronavirus website with relevant information.

The toll-free University hotline number during office hours is 0800 504 911 and the national outbreak number is 0800 029 999. All consultations must be telephonic to reduce the spread of the virus. DO NOT physically go to:

  • Student Health Services
  • Occupational Health and Wellness
  • A doctor or hospital


Please take note of the interim arrangements to ensure that Human Resource critical operations continue:

  1. HR General Queries

Send HR-specific queries through the CRM portal on to log a case; queries submitted through email will be delayed.

The Dynamics 365 system creates a case and automatically acknowledges requests. Requests are assigned to HR staff  who will process requests, send responses and close the case.

How to use the HR On-Line system:

  1. Log in to the CRM portal on
  2. Use the SEARCH bar
  3. Type a word eg OVERTIME (or expand the relevant HR services to find the correct service)
  4. Select the relevant service;
  5. Some services offer FAQ-type information on the left (“what you need to know”)
  6. Log a case on the right (“what we need to do”). Use the DESCRIPTION box for your instructions to complete the request so that can be actioned.


Contact Persons Contact Details
General HR Helpdesk queries (no face-to-face) Dynamics 365  or


  1. Leave Related Matters: e-Leave

All leave queries may be directed to the Leave team through Dynamics 365:

Contact Persons Contact Details
Leave Office Dynamics 365 or – emails must be the last option


  1. Short-term Contract Queries and Salary Related Matters
Contact Persons Contact Details
Back Office or Dynamics 365


  1. Health Care and Wellness

No face-to-face client and member interaction may take place and all communication is to be facilitated via virtual means.

HR Area Contact Persons Contact Details
Medical aid Alexander Forbes Offices
+27 41 392 8329
Occupational Health
normal operations eg IODs

Valencia Benjamin/
Zilla Shaw 
Kobus Magielies
Lulama Zweni

ext 1028 

ext 3662
ext 2045 
Occupational Health
Office hours
All hours
University Hotline 0800 504 911
National Hotline  0800 029 999
Wellness@Work Care Centre for emotional support and advice Wellness@Work 0800 205 333 


  1. Remuneration and Budget requests for Short-term Contract Initiation

The remuneration office is still operational to ensure that all salary-related processes and loading of budgets continue.

Please note that the current deadlines must still be adhered to.

Contact Persons Contact Details
Remuneration Team e.g. overtime, budget requests etc. or
Dynamics 365

Overtime Forms: Line Managers must submit overtime requests on-line (via Dynamics 365) by uploading the completed forms as attachments per case. No paper submissions are possible in this period.

  1. On-line Terminations

Where staff wish to terminate their service with the University and do not have access from home, the Line Manager must terminate on behalf of the staff member by using the Employee Termination e-form.

  1. Recruitment & Selection and HR Business Partner Contact Details

Queries relating to the current posts in the recruitment and selection process may be directed to the relevant HR consultant. Note: The closing date for advertised vacancies is extended to 31 March 2020.

Faculty Contact Persons Contact Details
Science Thuli Mtila
Arts Buli Nokwe
Business and Economic Sciences Siyamthanda Kameni
Health Sciences Siyamthanda Kameni
Education Bhongo Somana
Law Bhongo Somana
EBEIT Lubabalo Mgedezi


  1. Organisational Development and HRD
Contact Person Contact Details
Nandipha Sishuba
Senior Director: HR


  1. Employee Relations Matters
Contact Person Contact Details
Lesiba Ramoroka
Director: ER


  1. Submission of Claim Forms for Payment

The closing date for all claim forms remains the 10th of each month. Forms may be submitted via email.

Contact Persons Contact Details
Thomas Selemohi
Chuma Sixaso


  1. Access to Campus in Emergencies
Contact Person Contact Details
Simphiwe Nkosa


These are unprecedented times. While none of us knows what will unfold, we do know that the virus can have dire consequences and therefore, it is upon us all to do what we can to prevent its spread.

Human Resources