The Innovation Office continues to support and facilitate technology transfer activities through virtual platforms. Invention disclosures and ongoing commercialisation projects and funding applications are managed electronically by the respective staff members. The following activities will continue online with the relevant researchers to ensure continuity and free up time for researchers during the implementation of the new staggered pathways for learning.

Activity Brief summary of aspects being addressed Timelines for completion
Invention Disclosure Management
  • The Invention Disclosure has historically occurred via email on a MS Word document, this form will be incorporated as an online form to save time for researchers
July 2020 (depending on IT capacity)
Innovation Capacity Building
  • Intellectual Property knowledge sharing, and seminars will continue online as webinars
  • Engagement with the student entrepreneurship on relevant collaborative effort will continue and combine webinars directed at the student cohort will be arranged. The first planned activity is the 2021 World IP Day Celebrations, which are planned for May 2021.
Management of Seed Funding and Innovation Projects
  • Management of the seed funded (new applications and ongoing) and innovation projects will be actively managed online and support offered to researchers to assist them minimise the time spent on completing the application and reporting.