The extent to which postgraduate students will be able to utilise the different pathways will be determined by stage of the postgraduate studies.  The following may be envisaged:


Pathway Degree Programme Stage of postgraduate studies and implications
1a Honours Taught modules can be online for theory and research for those with access
1a Masters (CW) First year registrants with taught modules can be online for theory and research for those with access;
2 Honours/Master (CW) For those first-year registrants (CW Masters) and for Honours students with no access to internet and study resources, these students would need support to complete these modules once Face-to-face is possible.
1b/c Honours Research modules for those collecting primary data (especially STEM faculties/departments) that require laboratory/field works for a significant portion of their degree. The timing of return to face-to-face contact may determine how much more time would need to be added to their academic calendar.
1b/c Master (CW) Research module, generally 1 year, will be delayed especially in cases where field and/or laboratory work is required. Those that can use secondary data or SSH subjects that utilise quantitative data collection methods and have access to internet resources. Decisions would need to be made on allowance of study extension/support period dependant on timing of return.
1b Masters and Doctoral New registration and proposal development can occur using online/digital resources and email contact with supervisors/promoters. Will be difficult for those with no to intermittent access to the internet. Decisions will need to be made on extension of proposal submission by 3 -6 months.
1c Honours, Masters and Doctoral Application for Ethics Clearance submissions can be done electronically; committees meeting as per normal schedule.
1 a, b, c Masters and Doctoral Mid-programme postgraduate students in the data collection stage It may be possible for SSH students to continue research work under different sub pathways in option 1. The exception would be for those whose projects require focus groups/workshops.
2 a/b Masters and Doctoral Mid-programme postgraduate students in the STEM fields or SSH qualitative data collection, work is predominantly contact due to laboratory work and/or field work. In cases that are time/timing sensitive, this work could be further delayed (i.e. certain time of a school year, season data collection) with data collection window missed for this year.
1a Masters and Doctoral Mid to late-programme postgraduates engaged in data analysis phase of their work can utilise this pathway, exception would be those who have iterative data collection needs.
1a Masters and Doctoral End of degree programme students that are in the manuscript and thesis write up phase can utilise this pathway.
1a – 2 Postdoctoral Fellows Literature reviews, data analysis and manuscript preparation can be done via pathway 1a; however, those with field/laboratory research data collection will have delays and will be in pathway 2.