Case management for COVID-19

Current plan if someone becomes ill with suspected COVID-19 at the University

  • Employees and students with signs and symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection will contact the University’s Hotline on 0800 505 911 or on the national hotlines: 0800 111 132 and 0800 029 999. 
  • The possible COVID-19 infected person will be isolated in a room / separate area, away from others in the University, limiting contact with others.
  • The identified possible infected persons will be supported, without inviting stigma and discrimination. This could include persons who have recently travelled to an area reporting cases, or other persons who have chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart and lung disease, old age, HIV, etc.) that put them at higher risk of infection.
  • The University’s healthcare providers will liaise with the local healthcare authorities for referral according to the South African Department of Health’s National Guidelines.
  • The contacts of the identified possible infected person will be managed according to the South African Department of Health’s National Guidelines
  • The University’s Case Management for COVID-19 and Constancy Plan may include Standard Operating Procedures in the following areas: Health Services, Students, Academics, Professional & Support Staff