A jack of all trades


Kobus Magielies has been at the University’s Occupational Health Services (OCH) since 2007 and calls himself a “jack of all trades” as he captures official staff health statistics, especially those needed for the VC’s Office, Communication and Marketing, HR and ICT Services.

He also works with orders for the COVID-19 Screening Centre, ITS orders, the treating and referral of staff injuries on duty (IOD) to doctors and hospitals and reporting of these to the Compensation Commissioner and the Department of Labour. 

OCH also handles all the University’s COVID-19 cases. 

In addition, Kobus is the link between cleaning services and technical services when it comes to decontamination needs.  Like the rest of the team, he works shifts but is also on call over weekends to guide staff through self-isolation and any other COVID-19 related processes.

“It’s a very challenging time … but I am very fortunate to be part of the team which puts things in place for staff.  The University has organised a great deal in a short time.”