Frontline series: Appreciating the services of ESS’s Emergency Medical Technicians


Come rain, shine or strong winds ESS’s (Emergency Services Sector) (ESS) Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) Sedrick Nieuwveldt and Marius le Roux can always found manning the George Campus main entrance. 

Sedrick and Marius assist with the emergency treatment of sick or injured students and, in the case of conditions that the clinic cannot treat, transport them to hospital in their ambulance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added to their daily core duties as they facilitate the screening of George Campus staff, students and visitors at the main entrance, recording details and temperatures etc.

As the campus gradually opened, the two had to work on a standby basis even at night to screen students who came back to the University from different provinces to ensure strict adherence to quarantining and subsequent referral to hospital in cases of positive testing.  Their current workstation at the campus gate consists of a caravan and an ambulance to enable screening and other related emergency activities.

“It would be a great help if we all work together in adhering to the protocols.  Cooperation with screening at the gate is highly appreciated and ding the self-screening tool before coming on to campus helps us a lot” says the pair.

“Take good care of yourself.  If you feel sick stay at home.  Make sure you eat healthy food and wear your PPE.  Appreciate the value of life, family and friends and small mercies.  This virus has robbed many people of loved ones”.  

Sedrick and Marius are thankful for the campus resources in place to enable their operations and pride themselves on being part of a dynamic team and doing their bit in trying to keep everyone virus-free and having a low infection rate on campus. 

Both have the highest appreciation for the help, support and cooperation by members of management, staff and students, and more specifically, their colleagues and members of Student Life and Development (Dr Sefoko Ramoshaba and his team).