Contact information:

Mr Mkhosi Mahlathini
Deputy Director: ICT Services
Tel: 27 41 5043 587

ICT continues its enabling role


On or off campus, ICT Services continues to offer a top-flight service to staff. That’s the general take of staff members who have benefitted from the support they have received from ICT Services, and more especially in the lead-up to lockdown and thereafter.

In preparing the institution for remote working and online learning and teaching, the division equipped users with required tools and provided access to key platforms and systems.  In addition, connectivity was prioritized.  Functional and technical support was assured.  The division set up online software tutorials and responded to close to a 1000 Helpdesk calls from staff working remotely from their homes.

In addition, they are continuing their work to improve processes through ICT solutions, maintaining all systems for ongoing functioning of the University, and providing much needed-support to academics preparing to offer online learning to their students.

Their willingness and can-do attitude in the present uncertainty has not gone unnoticed, with staff really recognising the value of ICT Services.

“I truly appreciate how you seamlessly arranged everything for me,” one staff member shared after an ICT Services team member assisted her during lockdown to replace her faulty laptop.

ICT Services, like that of Protection Services, is among those divisions offering essential services and using permits allowing them to travel during the 21-day lockdown period.

Equally impressed with the work-rate and commitment of the 109 men and women who make up ICT Services is Acting Director: ICT Services, Mkhosi Mahlathini.

“Everyone has been doing their bit. Right now, no one is necessarily assigned to any one thing, but rather everyone is jumping in to help where and when it is needed.  I really appreciate the teamwork.”

Mr Mahlathini also acknowledged the leadership of ICT Services’ CIO: Dr Sam Bosire, as well as the patience and understanding extended by University staff. View the video.

In the four days prior lockdown on 27 March, Helpdesk received 646 calls, and thereafter 290 calls until 2 April.

The statistics are on par with year-on-year figures, meaning the workload of ICT Services’ has not decreased during lockdown. Most of the requests are urgent relating to connectivity problems, VPN connection challenges and how to get set up from home as well as a large number of Moodle calls.


For assistance email  for logging calls or go to the self-help portal ( to assist yourself.  ICT Services has updated its FAQ section to enable staff to try and resolve their issues first before contacting them