Life is short, live healthy and stay calm


“I have learned that one must live healthy and take responsibility, life is short.  A healthy body has good immunity, so now I eat my veggies, which I did not do before.  Also stress makes one sick, one has to breathe and stay calm.

Protection Services staff member Noluncumo Gloria Klaas, 41, has been working at the University for 14 years and recently recovered from COVID-19.

She says she is thankful for the Occupational Health team who helped her so much by phoning every day, especially Sister Fiona Magnus.   

She feels much better now and is happy to be back at work.  Initially, a colleague tested positive and although Noluncumo did not have any symptoms, she went to Mercantile Hospital herself to get tested as she has a nine-month old baby at home.  

“When the test was positive, I was very shocked and stressed and I cried a lot.  The sisters told me to calm down and think positive, because people panic and fear that they will die and that does not help.  My breathing was very low and I had hot flushes but when I calmed down and breathed slowly in and out, it was better. 

She was very sick for seven days with flu symptoms, back pain and a headache.  Her parents looked after her baby.  She took lots of vitamins and aspirin and Sister Fiona also told her how to disinfect her house.  Her cousin, a nurse, also phoned her in the mornings to check on her.

“I believe I was so strong because of the sisters from work being so supportive and phoning every day to check that we are healthy”, she says.   

Noluncumo who is situated at the South Campus guest quarters at the residences, returned to work after 23 days.  She previously worked at North Campus New Admin Building reception for many years.