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Nelson Mandela University will host 16 ceremonies at its Autumn Graduation from 3 to 13 April with George Campus hosting two sessions for the first time.

Some 5000 students will graduate, including the first cohort of the new BHSc Medical Laboratory Science and MA IT Governance students.

Guest Arrangements

Each graduating student will personally receive access to four guest tickets and a ticket for themselves. In the case of PhD students, the candidate will receive five guest tickets.

Graduating students at George will receive three guest tickets due to the smaller size of the hall at Eden Place.

Students will each receive personalised emails from TicketPro (the graduation guest voucher vendor) which will provide a link to the TicketPro website and for each student to access their guest vouchers. These can be printed out in advance or collected from booths from the Madibaz Athletics Stadium adjacent to the Indoor Sports Centre where Graduation is taking place.

Recognising the celebratory nature of graduation, the University’s ethos is always towards that of inclusivity, and will endeavour to accommodate as many as possible without flouting safety regulations applicable at the respective venues.

All students and guests will be requested to produce the guest voucher to enable entry into the venue.

Staff entry 

Academic staff who are part of the procession will receive a special ticket giving them access to dedicated academic procession parking. This ticket must be shown to security staff.

Other staff who wish to attend a Graduation session should have their own guest voucher or will be ushered to the adjacent holding venue until it is ascertained whether there is seating capacity in the graduation venue. If there is still seating available in the Indoor Centre, tickets will be dispensed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The graduation ceremony will be live-streamed into the holding venue.

Student entry

The same scenario applies to students who do not have a guest ticket but wish to celebrate the achievement of their friends. They will be ushered to the adjacent holding venue in anticipation of taking up a vacant seat once the ticket providers have completed an update on actual numbers.