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Transforming Graduation at Nelson Mandela University

Our new name as Nelson Mandela University heralds a significant opportunity to re-imagine our identity and how we portray and communicate this through our ceremonies, symbols, rituals, and processes.  

Graduation is the apex celebration of the University. As part of repositioning of the University in line with Vision 2020 and our new name, identity and rebranding, a process to review, reassess and reimagine Graduation at Nelson Mandela University is about to begin.

Given that graduation is the pinnacle of university work and life when academic achievement is celebrated, it is critical that all stakeholders are afforded the opportunity of providing input into re-imagining this important celebration. Our Graduation should reflect who we aspire to be as the university named after Madiba, internationally revered for integrity, courage, compassion, social justice, human rights for all, equality and service to humanity, among others.

To do this properly, and in line with the ethos of our namesake and as a dynamic African university, all facets of graduation will be explored.

Please take three minutes to answer this survey on your thoughts around graduation.



RFP for graduation attire
The rationale on the name change
The rationale on the logo and slogan
Colour breakdown
Faculty colours