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At Nelson Mandela University, we don't see you as a student. To us, you are a world changer capable of so much more than you can ever imagine. From honours to doctorates, we offer quality and accredited qualifications that enable you to build on your success and reach career heights you never thought possible.


HOW DO I APPLY?     |     Follow this four-step process to begin your postgraduate journey at our University

Making your postgraduate study decisions can be a complicated task so we have simplified the process for you and broken it up into four steps. First you need to find out what you want to study and if you qualify (Step 1), then you move on to applying (Step 2), wait to see if you have been admitted/selected (Step 3) and finally, you can register/enrol (Step 4). Reach the top of your profession at our University!


Build on your success with a postgraduate qualification: see what options are available, choose your area of expertise and your career, and see what qualifications you can pursue:

  • Decide what course (qualification) you want to study
  • See what is required to be able to study towards that course (admission requirements)
  • Find out about accommodation and financing your studies
  • Get help on making your decision via online tools, such as the prospectus and quick guides

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Decided what you want to study? Meet the requirements? Right, now you can apply:

  • Apply online to study a postgraduate qualification at Nelson Mandela University
  • Apply for accommodation at Nelson Mandela University
  • Apply for funding

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Submitted your application? Now you can:

  • View your admission status
  • View your residence admission status
  • Change your study choice
  • Change your contact details
  • Confirm any admission offer you may have received so that we can reserve a place for you

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If you’ve been admitted to study at Mandela University – congratulations!

  • Pay any relevant fees that may be due
  • Take part in the orientation programmes to find out how and where to do things on campus
  • Find out when you can register for your course
  • Go through the registration process to enrol in your chosen subjects (modules)
  • Find out when lectures start

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