“It’s about each one of us doing something ordinary to ensure an extraordinary impact – that of protecting ourselves and protecting others by simply (making and) wearing masks.”

Education, awareness and a call to action lie at the heart of the #MaskUpMandela movement.

An effective change in behaviour – that of wearing masks in public – is unlikely to happen without an understanding and appreciation of why the change is so important or without the support of volunteers to make the 60 million-plus masks urgently needed.

Nelson Mandela University’s #MaskUpMandela movement is part of a collective drive to save lives by wearing a mask and help prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

This page offers:

  • Educational resources (posters and mask patterns) which you are welcome to download and share with your communities. There are 17 posters in three languages to choose from, please scroll horizontally to view them all.
  • Educational and/or inspirational stories of those who are making or receiving masks.
  • A link to the volunteer site.   



No Sew DIY Face Mask with Filter

No Sewing Fabric Face Mask DIY (takes 30 secs)

No Sewing Easy DIY Sock Face Mask Video Tutorial

No Sewing DIY Face Mask Upcycled Tshirt


eRona Times     |     Changing behaviour to save lives

#MaskUpMandela     |     Posters for downloading

#MaskUpMandela     |     Posters for downloading

Mask Making     |     How to make a simple mask

English     |     #MaskUpMandela posters for downloading

Our Community     |     Responding to the call to action

isiXhosa     |     #MaskUpMandela khuphela iiposta apha

Afrikaans     |     #MaskUpMandela plakkate om af te laai