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            and sustainable

            Nelson Mandela University continues in its endeavours
            to be a transformative, responsive and sustainable
            university, with institutional initiatives embedded in a
            broader societal context.

            By Professor Sibongile Muthwa, Vice-Chancellor
                          ith a vision to     our seven campuses.
                          be a dynamic        We have over 32 000
                          African university   students in 2022.
                          recognised for         We have made
            Wleadership in                    significant progress in
            generating cutting-edge knowledge,   increasing affordable
            this means not only confronting   student housing in support
            and undoing a history of separate   of our academic core
            and unequal development, but also   missions and operations.
            actively working to create a just and   A new 200-bed student
            sustainable future for all.       residence on George
               This year is the five-year     campus was completed
            anniversary of the renaming of the   in time for the 2021
            University as “Nelson Mandela     academic year, and work is
            University”. It provides further   progressing steadily on the
            impetus to reflect on how we      Gqeberha North Campus
            give practical expression to our   for residences to provide a
            institutional values of excellence,   further 1800 beds, due for
            integrity, ubuntu, respect for    completion later in 2022.
            diversity, social justice and equality   As testament to the   Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sibongile Muthwa
            and environmental stewardship.    hard work of students
               As the only university in the world   and staff,  the Mandela success rate   with updates on a number of
            to be named after the late President   increased from 79% in 2019 to 83%   strategic developments, including:
            Nelson Mandela, we are mindful of   in 2021, all the more notable when
            the responsibility to be the academic   viewed against the context of the   •  Medical School
            expression of the social figure   disruptions caused by the COVID-19   •  Ocean Sciences
            of Nelson Mandela and advance     pandemic over 2020 and 2021.      •  Revitalising the Humanities
            his legacy.                          The University seeks to        •  Transformative Engagement
               Guided by our Vision 2030      cultivate graduates who contribute   •  Gender Studies
            strategy, Mandela University      to changing the world through     •  Digitalisation
            continues to promote social justice   pioneering discoveries, scholarship   •  Sustainability
            and sustainable futures through   and innovation.
            humanising learning and teaching,    Among the graduate attributes   Our Vision 2030 Strategy
            impactful research and innovation,   we strive to inculcate are: intellectual   foregrounds endeavours to co-create
            and transformative engagement.    curiosity and critical thinking, being   a fair, liveable and viable world
               We now offer 261 study         responsible agents of change,     by focusing on the indivisibility of
            programmes across seven faculties   professionalism and integrity,   people, planet, prosperity, peace
            and, over the past five years, have   resilience and adaptive expertise,   and partnerships.
            seen significant infrastructural   and innovative, solutions-driven   In doing so, the University will
            growth. There are now 277         creativity.                       contribute to strengthening social
            buildings in use with a footprint of   This edition of Thetha provides   solidarity by focusing on the needs of
            approximately 315 000 m  across   all our alumni, friends and supporters   the most vulnerable in society.

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