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            Where does my

            donation go?

                                                               The SRMA has three main arms:
            Who looks after the resources of Nelson Mandela
            University? Who makes sure your donation is used for   •  Bursaries and Scholarships Directorate focusing on
            the intended purpose? How do you know that it will be   mobilising funding
            effectively used?                                  •  Directorate for Alumni Relations
               Among other things, this is the task of the Strategic   •  Directorate for Capital Resource Mobilisation and
            Resource Mobilisation and Advancement (SRMA) office.   Special Projects.
               The office was established on 1 August 2017  as part of
            a broader reimagining of resource mobilisation at Nelson   It also provides logistical and administrative support to the
            Mandela University. It started, however, in 2014 when   Nelson Mandela University Trust and the Nelson Mandela
            the University Council mandated the Vice-Chancellor   University Investment Company.
            to explore establishing more coordinated, integrated   Nelson Mandela University is the sole beneficiary of
            and effective resource mobilisation functions within the   the Nelson Mandela University Trust, which mobilises
            University.                                        resources through donations in cash and kind, and which
               The outcome of this was restructuring the Nelson   has PBO status with SARS and can issue Section 18A tax
            Mandela University Trust; establishing the Nelson   certificates for qualifying donations. Corporate governance
            Mandela University Investment Company to drive certain   of the Trust is in the hands of 10 Trustees. The Trust is
            commercialisation projects and to explore opportunities   independently audited and publishes a detailed annual
            to make the University more financial sustainable in the   report each year indicating how donations have been used.
            medium- and long-term; and establishing the SRMA at a   Since 2015, the Trust has more than doubled
            strategic level within the Office of the Vice-Chancellor to   the income it brings in to support Nelson Mandela
            provide overall coordination of resource mobilisation and   University. These achievements were only possible due
            to implement certain strategic projects.           to the generosity of the many individuals, NPOs, private
               Under the leadership of Senior Director: Strategic   sector companies and public sector entities which have
            Resource Mobilisation and Advancement Dr Denver Webb,   supported the University through the Trust.
            the SRMA team aims to enhance the financial sustainability   More information online at Nelson Mandela
            of the University to meet present and future needs.  University Trust.

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