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                        n 25 May 2022, the King Baudouin          KBFUS, which hosted the conversation, serves as the
                        Foundation United States (KBFUS), in close   fiscal sponsor in the United States for Nelson Mandela
                        collaboration with the International Social   University, helping to seamlessly facilitate philanthropic
                        Impact Institute®, and in partnership   giving from US donors to support the University.
            Owith Nelson Mandela University, Candid,              Prof Muthwa presented heart-warming stories of
            GivingTuesday and Myriad Alliance for Borderless Giving,   hope through the achievements of students, alumni and
            hosted an Africa Day celebration which featured our Vice-  honorary doctorate recipients.
            Chancellor, Professor Sibongile Muthwa.               The Vice-Chancellor spoke about ongoing efforts in
               The celebration took the form of a virtual “Fireside   co-creating partnerships in the public and private sector
            Chat” with the VC showcasing Nelson Mandela University,   to seek solutions around unemployment, poverty and
            its purpose, its strategic intent as an embedded university   inequality. This includes new online giving platforms being
            committed to promoting social justice and its impact as   launched at Mandela University.
            the academic expression of                                                “Having the Mandela name
            Nelson Mandela.                                                        and being part of Africa hold so
               This event coincided with the   “Having the Mandela                 much promise, and our impact
            date and mission of Africa Day                                         can only be expanded if we
            – celebrating accomplishments   name and being part                    work collaboratively across all
            and advancements throughout                                            these areas,” said Prof Muthwa.
            the African continent.         of Africa hold so much                  “We would love to have a
               In her conversation         promise, and our                        much bigger footprint on our
            with the institute CEO and                                             continent.”
            founder Elizabeth Ngonzi,      impact can only be                         The Fireside Chat was an
            who moderated  the chat, Prof                                          important step in taking Nelson
            Muthwa covered stories and     expanded if we work                     Mandela University to a wider
            realities about the University’s    collaboratively across             international audience.
            leadership, its students, alumni                                          The University  is grateful to
            and honorary doctorate         all these areas. “                      have terrific leading philanthropic
            recipients.                                                            partners such as KBFUS,
               She also covered the                                                GivingTuesday, Candid and
            University’s consistent initiatives                                    Myriad, who joined forces to help
            to build a global ecosystem to develop education along   share the incredible story of the academic expression of
            with African-purposed solutions to develop a sustainable   Nelson Mandela.
            and socially just world.                           View the Fireside Chat.




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