Assessment Criteria
Criteria 4: The strategic importance of the role performed by the

The project was conceptualised and designed by Dr André du Plessis in collaboration with Professor Paul Webb (click
here to see Letter to Department of Education and Approval). Prof Webb presented the project proposal to the Dell
Foundation, ABSA, the DG Murray Trust and the Herman Ohlthaver Trust. Prof Webb facilitated the donation of 120
computers from the Dell Foundation for six schools during an earlier project. Five of these schools were provided with
line of sight Internet connectivity during 2011 in collaboration with the NMMU and the Radisson Blu Hotel.  Professor
Webb also promoted me as PhD student and takes the final responsibility for the ICT project. The Wiki part has been
formally proposed to Dr Drik Greef of the DOE (click here for the presentation).

Vernon Naidoo was the CERTI Project Manager and took responsibility to assist with the administrative and logistical
aspects pertaining to the ICT intervention. He was the ‘face’ of the project in schools and the Department of
Education. He facilitated all workshops, meetings, ceremonies, strategic planning sessions, etc., and placed order,
booked venues, and made travel arrangements.

Dr André du Plessis (myself) (trained the teachers in internet and IT use in schools and was the leader in terms of
facilitating line of sight connectivity from NMMU to the participating schools (see newspaper report). The teacher
training programme used emanated from his PhD study on IT in schools that was undertaken during the engagement
activities using the Dell donated computers that preceded this particular project. I have written a number of papers on
these findings (click here), has submitted a number of papers awaiting for feedback (click here) and is the supervisor
of a Uitenhage DoE district office official’s MEd study on use of laptop computers in mult i-gradeschools (2011-2012),
another research project which emanated as a result of his engagement in the project.

Renita Affat of the NMMU Trust has facilitated contact with appropriate donors, chased up payments, monitored the
effects of the programme, and has been a source of encouragement and strength throughout the ICT aspect of the

The partnerships that have developed from this project are primarily with the DoE and other research and
development agencies. Our relationship with the Port Elizabeth district office via Dr Nyathi Ntsiko of the DOE is
sound, as well as with the provincial office - Dr Drik Greeff.