Assessment Criteria
Criteria 5: The extent to which the engagement activities are

The achievements of the project are recognised by the Department of Education, in particular the Port Elizabeth
District Office and the Provincial Office (click here). The project has formed a highly effective co-operative
relationship and as a result I was asked to assist with the WIKI initiative (see The
project has also been recognised by Individual schools (see report from Mr January, a principal) as well as by the press
(click here).

Below is an extract from an interview with a teacher at one of the five schools.
ďI donít think justice is done in terms of us acknowledging and appreciating your efforts. We didnít do much.  I
canít recall we even wrote you a letter saying thank you.  I think you just pitched up here and said ok and even
from that day there was hope for us and I knew you would come through for us.  You didnít leave us with
nothing.  Whatever you say is different and that means a lot especially when I have to report to staff.  I told
them we going to get computers and internet.  I just knew it was going to happen.  You deliver.  You are hands
on and practical and personality you try and understand and you are not difficult to work with and I enjoy
working with you. Even the people you send. Helpful, informative. You donít demand what we canít deliver. You
inform us early about the visitation so we canít have an excuse.Ē

The schools really appreciate my involvement.

I am also involved in the development of learners in under-privileged township schools. I have started to assist them
with developing email accounts and the use of email. I also introduced the Internet to them and they are working in
groups to create Cyberhunts in areas in the Science curriculum pertaining to science aspects that they struggle with
(See their comments about the project from their emails below). Prof Webb alerted Renita Affat of the NMMU Trust
and Mr Alan Apple of the Hermann Ohlthaver Trust to show that we are making a difference (click here to see their
responses). On the next page, an image of the Wiki that has been created to support them with PowerPoint slides, has 
been indicated.

I also received a letter of an academic from Rhodes University, congratulating me on my research and presentation
(click here).