Plenary Speakers

American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Mark Ablowitz (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Title of plenary talk: Nonlinear Systems - from Oceans to Number Theory
Research Area: Nonlinear Systems

Peter Sarnak (Institute for Advanced Study)
Title of plenary talk: Mobius randomness and dynamics
Research Area: Number Theory, Combinatorics, Mathematical Physics

Zoltan Furedi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Title of plenary talk: Superimposed Codes and Hypergraphs containg no grids

South African Mathematical Society (SAMS)

James Raftery (University of Kwazulu-Natal)
Title of plenary talk: Bridges Between Algebra and Logic - Some Old and Some New
Research Area: Algebra of Logic

Daya Reddy (University of Cape Town)
Title of plenary talk: Mixed finite element approximations
Research Area: Variational problems and numerical analysis in continuum mechanics

Amanda Weltman (University of Cape Town)
Title of plenary talk: Dark Energy and Where to Find it
Research Area: String Theory, Cosmology and Gravity

Southern African Mathematical Sciences Association (SAMSA)

Mikhail Petrov (University of Swaziland)
Title of plenary talk: Asymptotic methods in thin shells dynamics
Research Area: Asymptotic Analysis, Theory of Shells, Optimal Design.

Association of Mathematics Educators of South Africa (AMESA)

Lindi Tshabalala (Gauteng Department of Education)
Title of plenary talk: Exploring language practices when an English second language teacher promotes conceptual understanding in a grade 4 mathematics class of English second language learners?