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Nelson Mandela University has more than 500 study programmes in seven excellent faculties that help our students achieve academic excellence. We are well-known for art and design, building, chartered accounting, engineering, health and environmental sciences, and information technology.


Acting Executive Dean of Humanities,
Professor Mary Duker

A message from the Executive Dean

The Faculty of Humanities at Nelson Mandela University is a vibrant, imaginative and socially engaged space and place, in which a diversity of interesting and valuable qualifications are offered in four interdisciplinary schools: Music, Art and Design; Architecture; Government and Social Sciences and Language, Media and Culture.

A major focus of the faculty is on engendering a humanising pedagogy in the university context. Ultimately, the unique and contemporary blend of course offerings will help you to intelligently and productively analyse the rich complexity of life in the 21st Century and equip you, as a graduate, to meet the ethical, social and political challenges in a rapidly changing South Africa and global society.

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Ms Drucilla Nzioki
Manager: Faculty Administration

T +27 41 504 3252
E Drucilla.Nzioki@mandela.ac.za


Executive Dean of Business and Economic Sciences,
Professor Hendrik Lloyd

A message from the Executive Dean

Welcome! Our faculty combines and integrates two main foci, namely a focus on engagement with and service to the business community and a focus on the economic sciences. As part of a university we are fully committed to our engagement with science, but at the same time we also understand that, as a public institution, we have a special role to play within the community. We believe that the effective integration of these two foci not only adds value to the broader community, but also adds a differentiating value to our graduates and our faculty.

An institution of Higher Education in general, but specifically a Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, has to be part of the global community. We actively promote our international engagement and relevance through a wide and expanding range of initiatives that include student and staff exchanges, international accreditation and recognition of programmes and joint research initiatives. You are welcome to contact us, electronically or otherwise, for further information.

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Ms Modiehi Masheane
PR and Marketing


Mr AdanaanSmith
Faculty Admin & Timetabling




Executive Dean of Education,
Doctor Muki Moeng

A message from the Executive Dean

The Faculty of Education is an important role player in initial teacher education and in the further development of practising teachers, particularly in the context of meeting the educational needs and addressing the priorities of education in the Eastern Cape.

The key aim of the faculty's pre-service teacher education is to develop student teachers who teach effectively in order to facilitate learning in schools. The faculty also places a strong emphasis on in-service teacher education, to build capacity, equip teachers in priority areas and upgrade the qualifications of under-qualified teachers. We are committed to the development of competent leaders in education who are able to operate in diverse environments, through the provision of opportunities for well-qualified education professionals to reflect on and innovate their practice.

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Contact information

Mrs Jackie Smith
Secretary to Executive Dean:
Faculty of Education

T +27 41 504 2953
E Jackie.Smith@mandela.ac.za


Executive Dean of Engineering,
the Built Environment and Technology,
Professor Barend van Wyk

A message from the Executive Dean

Welcome! In this faculty we combine top facilities, state-of-the-art technology and stimulating training to produce highly sought-after graduates in the fields of Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical and Marine Engineering, Mechatronics, Information Technology, Applied Informatics Quality and Operations Management, Building and Human Settlement Development, Quantity Surveying, and Construction Management.

All programmes, where applicable, are accredited by relevant professional bodies, which is an indication of the quality of education in this faculty. The faculty welcomes you into this vibrant environment where you will be part of a diverse student body in which students are holistically developed as confident, innovative and knowledgeable professionals. Enjoy your studies!

Our schools

Contact information

Mrs Charlene Dale
Executive Secretary

T +27 41 504 3283
E Charlene.Dale@mandela.ac.za


Executive Dean of Health Sciences,
Professor Lungile Pepeta

A message from the Executive Dean

The university has a fairly large Faculty of Health Sciences with about 4 000 students in ten departments. All these departments, through our Interprofessional Education (IPE) project with the theme: "transforming health sciences education to support equity in health"; work together in an integrated learning, research and health service delivery platform in serving communities that are in need.

In our agenda of "recurriculation" and "Africanisation" of our programmes, and in training health practitioners that are "fit-for-purpose", we are revisiting the training platform of all our students. We must ensure that health practitioners (including medical practitioners) are trained in the setting where they are most needed, i.e., in the primary healthcare setting. We need to embrace and be part of all these initiatives together as a family; as Madiba once cautioned: "The important thing is that no single person can do everything."

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Contact information

Mrs Annaline Maasdorp
Executive Assistant to Executive Dean

T +27 41 504 2815
E Annaline.Maasdorp@mandela.ac.za


Executive Dean of the Faculty of Law,
Professor Avinash Govindjee

A message from the Executive Dean

The Nelson Mandela University Faculty of Law is, I suspect, much more than meets the eye, and more than the sum of its parts. Distinctive without being boutique, it is focused on delivering high quality law qualifications, while making its own particular contribution to the legal landscape.

The corridors of the Faculty of Law are vibrant, filled with the voices of determined students and committed staff - who work tirelessly to inspire and guide students through their studies and to maximise their ability to secure good employment or start businesses where they are able to utilise their qualification and legal knowledge to contribute to addressing societal challenges.

Our departments

Contact information

Mrs Ncumisa Sompondo
Secretary for Private Law and Faculty Receptionist

T +27 41 504 2190
E Ncumisa.Sompondo@mandela.ac.za


Executive Dean of Science
Professor Azwinndini Muronga

A message from the Executive Dean

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Nelson Mandela University Faculty of Science. On this website you will find all the information you need regarding the various qualifications our faculty has to offer, as well as our various schools and departments. Please also like our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep in the know regarding the latest news about our faculty.

The Faculty of Science team is available to assist you in your academic journey, and you are welcome to contact us or pay us a visit on campus. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best on your academic journey.

Our schools

Contact information

Mrs Lynette Roodt
Manager: Faculty Administration

T +27 41 504 2268
E Lynette.Roodt@mandela.ac.za