Report a Security Breach

Any person who knows or reasonably believes that a breach of the security of personal identifiable information has occurred should report their concern to the University. Any University employee or student with responsibility for data must report known or suspected breaches of security of personal identifiable information. These reports will enable the University to investigate and address the concern and to make determinations about appropriate notification to the subjects of the personal identifiable information.

This form is for staff and students to report a breach of security. Should you require any assistance with the form, please contact Ryno Boshoff on 27 41 504 1065.

POPIA information:

The Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (POPI Act) has been promulgated and implemented on 1 July 2020. All personal identifiable information provided by you shall be treated in accordance with this statute and only used for academic and academic administration purposes, as indicated in the University Privacy Policy. By providing your information, you are giving consent for the use of all your personal identifiable information, provided to the University, for the aforesaid purposes.



Type of Personal Information Involved in the Breach:

 Security code