COVID-19: Managing on-campus academic processes around quarantine


Nelson Mandela University remains committed to saving lives while striving to complete the academic year in the face of many challenges, including present concerns around an increase in infections, both on and off campus.  

At present, the following residences are under quarantine because two or more students have tested positive for COVID-19. (These students are recovering in a suitable environment elsewhere):

  • 88 South Point (23 October – 1 November 24:00)
  • 25 Belmont Terrace (23 October – 1 November 24:00)
  • Ackermans, Metro Res (24 October – 3 November 24:00)
  • Charlotte Maxeke (24 October – 4 November 24:00)
  • Indwe Residence (25 October – 4 November 24:00)
  • Claude Qavane (26 October – 5 November 24:00
  • Solomon Mahlangu (26 October – 5 November 24:00)

The University’s quarantine measures mean that these students may not leave their residences for any purpose, including for academic purposes. Students are expected to isolate in their rooms, only leaving to use the bathroom or the shared kitchens on a roster-basis, in order to monitor their own wellbeing during the ten-day quarantine period. All these residences are equipped with Wi-Fi to enable the continuation of online learning. 

The fluid nature of the virus makes it imperative to abide by these quarantine regulations. Failure to do so could lead to closure of the University and the very strong possibility of not being able to complete the 2020 academic year.

Contact Lecturers
All students who find themselves under quarantine should inform their lecturers of their present circumstances and the details of their expected quarantine period.  This is particularly important for students who need to attend a mask-to-mask class, write a test or any other on-campus academic activity during quarantine.

This will enable faculties and lecturers to adapt their plans to accommodate those students who are impacted by quarantine measures.

Thank you for cooperating with us in complying with the COVID-19 health regulations so that together we can #SaveLives and #SaveTheAcademicYear.

Coronavirus Task Team
Learning and Teaching Workstream