COVID-19 education and care guides


A new COVID-19 home care guide and a coronavirus and vaccine booklet are now available on the University’s coronavirus website and also attached here for your convenience.

The sharing of reliable, reputable information to educate staff, students and the wider public about the coronavirus pandemic continues to be part of the University’s strategy towards saving lives in the fight against the pandemic.

Home Care Guide
The new COVID-19 home care guide, compiled in consultation with the University’s own health workers, offers guidance on caring for yourself at home should you contract the virus.

It includes advice on eating, sleeping and staying positive during isolation or quarantine.

The 12-page guide is presently being translated into isiXhosa and Afrikaans. A limited number of copies are being printed.

Coronavirus and Vaccine Booklet
Produced by the Department of Health, this 13-page publication also shares in simple language all you need to know about the virus, and the vaccine to immunise ourselves against COVID-19. It explains the likes of herd immunity, the various rollout phases of the vaccine and debunks many of the myths presently circulating.

Stay informed. Remain Educated
As an institution of higher education, much is expected of us. Our efforts to educate and inform on all aspects of the pandemic, including our internal plans, are captured on the University’s coronavirus website.

Coronavirus website
The website is consistently updated with credible COVID-19 information, including the latest guides as shared here.

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