Coronavirus website for your convenience


Nelson Mandela University is hosting a dedicated Coronavirus website for the convenience of all staff and students.

Apart from the convenience of having key information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic in one place, the website is a reliable source at a time when fake news is a daily reality. The bulk of information comes directly from the World Health Organisation, the South African Department of Health and other reputable sources, such as the John Hopkins University and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

It further includes University-specific information, such as lockdown arrangements and all Coronavirus Memos sent to staff and students but, in the main, offers information relevant to everyone.

The University branded resources, such as hygiene awareness posters in various languages, for example, may be accessed and distributed by external parties as part of a collective effort to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

You are encouraged then to share the website with your family and friends, with direct links to the various sections shared below:

Any further input or questions you may have are welcomed by emailing, as the University commits to support all efforts in preventing the spread of the pandemic that is impacting lives  around the world.

Stay safe and stay home.

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